Iceland Healthy Food Shopping Essentials

Do you shop at Iceland? They have a wide range of fresh and frozen products on offer, that are perfect for anyone who is following a low fat/low-calorie diet plan.

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Looking around to find the best items is often time consuming, so I have put together some of my favourite lower calorie and lower fat items that are perfect to add to your shopping list!

If that's not enough, I have also added some links to some of my delicious recipes that use some of these ingredients!

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If you want to add any of the products to your shopping basket, just click the image or the title of the product.

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Please note that this post contains some affiliate links

Meat, Fish & Meat Alternatives

Extra Lean Beef Mince  £3.25

Extra Lean Beef mince is an absolute staple ingredient for any meat-eater. It is so versatile, and there are so many delicious dishes you can create from it. Why not try my Best Ever Bolognese recipe? Or my Philly Cheesesteak Pasta Bake recipe! If you still aren't sold, then check out all of my Beef Mince Recipes to give you some inspo!

Another absolute staple that I add to my shopping list every week! Skinless chicken breasts are naturally lean meat, and just like beef mince, is extremely versatile. These breasts are perfect for my Chicken & Sweet Potato Spinach Bake, or how about my Hunters Chicken Recipe.

If you fancy some beef burgers without having to go to the effort of making some yourself, these are for you. They are under 200 calories per burger, and would be perfect for your very own Five Guys Fakeaway

Fish Burgers £1.50

If you fancy something a little different, then you have to try these Southern Fried Fish Burgers. 228 calories per burger, and they are absolutely delicious! At £1.50 for 2 burgers, they are great value for money too!

For a lower calorie BBQ Pulled Pork, this is perfect. Without having to go to the effort of slow cooking your pork, the Slimming World BBQ Pulled pork is ideal for my BBQ Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese Recipe

If you're veggie, the Linda McCartney range is the classic. These veggie sausages are great as a meat-free alternative of my Sausage Casserole Recipe 


Fat Free Yogurt is perfect for a quick and easy breakfast. You can either just add some fruit and granola, or you can use it in a recipe such as my Baked Oats.

Fat Free Yogurt is perfect for a quick and easy breakfast. You can either just add some fruit and granola, or you can use it in a recipe such as my Baked Oats.

At only 72 calories per pot, these are my favourite type of Muller Light Yogurts. They are super creamy, and the light lemon flavour is really refreshing.

Lower fat cheese is a great way to save a few calories. I use lower fat cheese on everything, particularly for all of my Pasta Recipes.

Cupboard Essentials & Snacks

I mentioned my Pasta Recipes under the cheese, but my best tip is to buy your pasta in bulk. This works out at just £1.20 per kg.

Noodles £1.25

I love noodles, and these dried egg noodles are great for recipes such as my Chicken Katsu Curry Noodle Bowl or my Thai Green Curry Noodle Bowl.

Quavers £1.35

Perfect for a quick and easy low-calorie snack, at just 86 calories per bag.

If you like a proper crisp, then these are just 109 calories per bag. 

A tasty sweet snack, just 67 calories per bar.

Another tasty sweet treat that are just 99 calories per bar.

These are just 90 Calories per bar, I absolutely love these. They're high in fibre too which means they are also filling.