Slimming World Iceland Meal Plan- 7 days for less than £2.50 a Meal!!

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Feed yourself for 7 days for less than £7 a day and £2.50 per meal- Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks! Slimming World cheap meal plan for one!

The key to success on Slimming World in my opinion is preparation and planning. I have posted lot's of my Slimming World Meal Plans, and a lot of you messaged and asked me for meal plans for 1 person. Iceland are the only supermarket that offer Slimming World branded meals, soups and sauces, so I thought it would be worth looking into the products they have on offer, and creating a plan around it. 

This plan uses a combination of Slimming World branded meals as well as some items for snacks and sides. If there are any SW meals you don't like, simply swap it out for one that you do at the checkout. 

On top of the Slimming World branded products, Iceland also offer free home delivery when you spend over £25, meaning you life is even easier. Simply follow the links to all the products I have listed, add them into your basket, and wait for delivery.

Click each item that I have listed to add it into you shopping list!

Open up a new tab for Iceland shopping here

Total Price: £48

Less than £7 per day

Less than £2.30 per meal!

Slimming World Iceland Meal Plan

Mix & Match the SW meals if you don't like the ones offered. 


Breakfast: Fruit & Yog

Lunch: Soup & Bread

Dinner: Lasagne & cheese


Breakfast: Bacon sandwich healthy b bread, pom bears

Lunch: Chicken salad cheese

Dinner: King prawn noodles


Breakfast: Cheese omelette

Lunch: BLT

Dinner: Chicken Risotto


Breakfast:  Fruit & yog

Lunch: left over soup & bread

Dinner: Beef Spicy meatballs cheese


Breakfast:  Fruit & yog

Lunch: chicken salad sandwich and crisps

Dinner: Sausage and mash


Breakfast:  Bacon sausage and egg

Lunch: soup and bread

Dinner: Beef onion gravy and veg


Breakfast:  Bacon egg cups with cheese

Lunch: Soup

Dinner: Slimming World Free Food Chinese Style Banquet Rice 550g

Iceland Slimming World Shopping List 

Click each item to add it into you shopping list!

Total Price: £48

Less than £7 per day

Less than £2.30 per meal!

Beef & Gravy £3.50

Lean Bacon

So there you have it! At least a basis for a super cheap and super simple meal plan. You can always mix and match the items I have listed, or add and remove some.