Slimming Friendly Beef Mince Recipe Ideas

Beef mince is so versatile, but I know that a lot of us fall into the trap of making the same old Spaghetti Bolognese or Chilli Con Carne.

I have had quite a few of your message and ask if I had and beef mince recipes, so thought I would put my ideas for beef mince recipes all tother in one post for you!

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Philly Cheesesteak Pasta

This is a delicious pasta recipe that uses beef mince and is a hit with everyone that has tried it. It's also really easy to make, using 1 frying plan plus your pasta pan.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Pasta Bake Recipe

Keema Matar

This is an Indian dish that goes perfectly with any Indian Fakeaway! It's made using beef mince in a spicy tomato-based sauce with peas.

Cheese Bacon & Onion Stuffed Burgers

This is an amazing twist on a traditional burger recipe. The melt in the middle cheese, bacon and onion stuffing oozes out when cooked.

Slow Cooker Meatballs

Love a good meatball recipe, and these can be made ahead and then cooked in your slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Low Fat Meatballs slimming world

Mac & Chilli Cheese Con Carne

If you love a loaded mac & cheese, then this dish is for you. A delicious Mac & Cheese base with a smoky chilli con Carne and melted cheese.

slimming world chilli recipe

Beef Kofta Kebabs

This is such a summery and refreshing dish, perfect for any home BBQs!

Big Mac Style Quiche

Take your quiche to the next level with this recipe! All the flavours of a traditional Big Mac, but in quiche form!

BBQ Meatball Topped Fries

Instead of your traditional meatball sauce, these BBQ meatballs have a delicious, smoky flavour.

BBQ Meatball Topped Fries | Healthy Recipe

Chilli Cheese Chips

Another loaded chip dish that you can create with beef mince and a bit of spice!

Mighty Mexican Bake

A Mexican inspired pasta dish with a spicy kick!

Cheeseburger Stuffed Pasta Shells

I absolutely love this dish, and load them up with extra pickled gherkins! All the flavours of a cheeseburger but made in giant shells!

Double Bacon Cheeseburger

A classic Burger, but made extra delicious with bacon and cheese!

Chilli Beef Cannelloni 

Instead of your normal chilli and rice. try these chilli beef cannelloni!

Creamy Peppercorn Pasta

This is really tasty, non-tomato based pasta that the whole family with love. Perfect for any lover of steak and peppercorn sauce!

Creamy Beef Peppercorn Pasta Recipe slimming world friendly

Big Mac in a Bowl

All the flavours of a Big Mac, but in a bowl!

Chilli Nacho Pasta Bake 

This dish is amazing served with my popular 'mock'amole made with mushy peas!

Five Guys Style Burger

One of my favourite burgers to eat out, but made in your own kitchen!

How to make a Five Guys Burger at home