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Hi, I'm Latoyah.

About Me

Finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2019

Finalist in the National Blog Awards 2014 -'Best Food Blog'Finalist in the National Blog Awards 2015- 'Best Food Blog'
Finalist in the National Blog Awards 2016 -'Best Food Blog'

Number 36

2018: Number 87 
2018: Number 72

I am 30 years old and live in Devon.  I love food.  I mean, LOVE food.  I love cooking it, making it, baking it, tasting it and eating it.  Whether I have made it myself, or if I am eating in a restaurant I LOVE FOOD.  I really support fresh, local ingredients and supplies. Being in the heart of Devon makes this perfect!

So, what am I doing on a blog instead of gorging on chocolate cake in a darkened room?  Well, those that know me know that I love nothing more than spending time in the kitchen, making meals, cakes and experimenting with my own recipes.  Lots of my friends tell  me that I should enter Masterchef/Great British Bake Off or other equivalent.  That all sounds like too much hard work for my liking, too much pressure and turning something I love into somewhat of a chore.

I decided that I would create this blog so that I can share my recipes, reviews of restaurants and products (yes, I am that girl that takes a photo of EVERYTHING I eat) food ideas, and just general gubbings. I also want to discover new products and companies and help others discover them too. I mean, I have a phone that is full of photos of food, why not do something with it?!?

Since starting the blog and eating even more than I already did I found I put on weight.  This is when my weight loss journey started. I found a new love of creating low calorie, healthier versions of popular dishes.

Hopefully you can join me for the ride and share my love of cooking and eating!!

L x