My Top 10 Most Viewed Recipes of 2018

Christmas is only a few days away now as I type, and I thought it would be nice to take a look back at my top 10 most viewed recipes of 2018! 2019 is only just around the corner, and I am hoping that this one is a good one.

I have launched my January challenge for the start of 2019, so I am hoping that lots of you will join me in making 2019 the healthiest start yet. The challenge is to stick to whichever diet plan you are following, drink 2 litres of water per day, and exercise at least twice a week. You can also share your updates in the closed Facebook group to help motivate yourself, and earn a certificate if you succeed.

My Top 10 Most Viewed Recipes of 2018

Chinese Fakeaway

chinese fakeaway recipe chicken fried rice

This is one of my favourite treats to have, but in fact it is a slimming friendly and healthy version. These are our favourite things to order from our local. Chips, egg fried rice, chicken balls and curry sauce. 

Jamaican Chicken Stew with Rice & Peas

Jamaican Chicken Stew with Rice & Peas recipe slimming world

My boyfriend is half Jamaican and has wanted me to try and create us some homemade Jamaican food for a while. Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica in which meat is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice. This dish is full of the traditional jerk flavours, and tastes even better if you leave the chicken in jerk seasoning over night. 

Fully Loaded Hash Brown Waffles

Fully Loaded Hash Brown Waffles recipe

There's nothing better than a proper hearty weekend breakfast! I was lucky enough to get a waffle iron for Christmas, and I wanted one for the sole purpose of potato waffles. This recipe is what I came up with after trying it out a few times. 

Chinese Chicken Curry

Chinese Chicken Curry

I love a Chinese takeaway, but I love creating my own Chinese Fakeaways even more! After creating a yummy curry sauce for my last Chinese Fakeaway, I gave a traditional Chinese chicken curry a go. Check out my last fakeaway for the rice.

KFC Famous Bowls

KFC Famous Bowls recipes slimming world

Although I have never been to America, I feel as though I have learnt a lot about American culture from all the reality TV shows I watch! I was watching something the other day, I can't even remember what, and they were eating something off the KFC menu, 'Famous Bowl.

 Creamy mashed potatoes, sweet corn and bite-sized chunks of crispy chicken are layered together then drizzled with home-style gravy and topped with a perfect blend of three shredded cheeses'. 

BBQ Beef Pasta Casserole

This is a great week night meal and even better still, it involves a yummy BBQ flavour and melted mozzarella!  It's really easy to put to together and this recipe makes 4 portions, perfect for extra lunches.

Low Calorie Chocolate Brownies 

Low Calorie Chocolate Brownies  recipe slimming world

I have been doing a lot of research online into making low calorie chocolate brownies. I couldn't really believe it at first, but the recipe is flour free and sugar free. 

Philly Cheesesteak Fries

Philly Cheesesteak Fries

 "A Cheesesteak, also known as a Philadelphia cheesesteak, is a sandwich made from thinly-sliced pieces of steak and melted cheese in a long roll." 

Not the healthiest of dishes, as you can imagine! With my recipe you get all the flavour of this incredible sandwich without the guilt.

Tomato & Chilli Pasta Bake

Tomato & Chilli Pasta Bake recipe slimming world

As long as I have pasta and passata in my house, I know that I can create a tasty dinner out of almost anything! Pasta is so versatile, and this is a super tasty version.

Chilli Nacho Fries

A slight twist on a normal chilli, this melted cheesy sensation has an added smoky taste.

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