Slimming World Friendly BBQ Recipes!

There was the slightest bit of sunshine in early April this weekend, and of course we all got sun burnt and had a BBQ!  I've collated some of my favorite Slimming World Friendly BBQ recipes, quick, get out there while the sun is still shining!


This is the perfect accompaniment to any BBQ. It's super light and summary flavours lend itself perfectly to the sunshine! All the flavours of a classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich teamed with pasta.

These can be put right on the BBQ few a few minutes, and come out perfectly!! 

A lot of my syns used to go on coleslaw, until I created this recipe.  It tastes just as good as the read thing, and is also syn free!


Moroccan Turkey Kebabs

These can be skewered and cooked on the BBQ. If you've never cooked halloumi on the BBQ before, you need to try it! You're welcome in advance! 

These kebabs are soo delicious and the giant chillies can ALSO be done on the BBQ!

If you fancy something a little different, these are for you! Chicken tikka kebabs, with that extra BBQ flavour, teamed with a creamy mint sauce.


If, like me, you LOVE pizza, you'll appreciate any way to be able to eat pizza on the Slimming World plan.  Pizza topped chicken breasts are really popular within the SW community, so I decided to try it out with a burger instead! This can be cooked on one side on the BBQ, flipped and then topped with toppings. 

There's only one thing better than a cheese stuffed burger- a Slimming World friendly cheese, bacon and onion stuffed burger! If using your healthy extras this meal can be totally syn free. It is really easy to make and is guaranteed to be a hit with all the family. Just follow the recipe and then cook on the BBQ!