SPF Christmas Countdown: Free Health & Fitness Challenge

While it may only be October as I write this, Christmas is fast approaching! It's the time of year for complete overindulgence, and then we all usually scramble around in January to try and lose all the extra weight we gain!

This year I am taking back control before Christmas, so I can truly enjoy Christmas knowing that I have got myself ahead.

Way back at the start of 2019, I launched the Sugar Pink January challenge. The idea behind it was to create a supportive community of like minded people, who are all working towards the common goal of losing weight and getting fitter.

I even had our local BBC spotlight news come and visit me and film all about the Sugar Pink January challenge. I was also on the local radio, talking about all the amazing people that had signed up to take part in it.

In May I was on BBC Radio Devon, chatting about the new challenge!

Of the people that submitted their losses, an incredible 35 stone was shed collectively! We continued the momentum of the challenges with a Feb challenge and March challenge. In May, I launched Sugar Pink May, which focused on fitness as well as healthy food.

For August, 1000s of you took part in the 10000 Steps Challenge

Some of the feedback from those who took part in the last 10000 steps challenge:

'It made me walk more and achieved it every day of August 'Best month yet as actually seen a loss!'

 'Loved it!!! Made me think a lot more about getting up from my desk at work a lot more and actually loving going for a walk round when I need a wee or just cos I can!'

 'I’ve enjoyed it..has made me mindful of how many steps I do (or don’t do!)'

Christmas Countdown Healthy  Diet & Lifestyle Challenge

Plan, Prepare, Perform!

This challenge is open to anyone on any diet plan. I post healthy, slimming friendly and low calorie meals on my blog which you are welcome to use for inspiration.

The idea of this challenge is to plan your healthy weekly meals, and exercise at least 3 times a week.

I provide you with a free meal planner template, 100s of recipes, and a group of supportive members all taking part in the same challenge.

I then encourage you to post your meal plans, meal photos, workout pictures etc. within the closed Facebook group to help inspire others, and to hold yourself accountable.

This method has proven really successful previously, and has helped 1000s of you achieve your goals and keep up motivation.

How much does it cost?

The challenge is FREE to take part in! I will be running the challenge predominantly from within the special closed Facebook group.

The only real cost is your own time and effort to help improve you health and wellbeing! 

So what do I need to do to take part?

I have created loads of materials to help you along the way?

Join the FREE closed challenge group on Facebook here

Post on the group wall to introduce, and pledge that you are taking part!

Download your FREE Christmas Countdown tracker here

Download your FREE meal planner template here. Plan you meals, then post your meal plans in the group!

Download the beginners workout plan here and here

Make a pledge within the group that you are taking part, and what you want to achieve.

Post regular updates with your meal plans, exercises etc.

Listen and subscribe to the Sugar Pink Podcast as we chat about the challenge and lives trying to lose weight!

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates.