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Sugar Pink Podcast

I have always loved listening to podcasts. They have kept me company while travelling, in the bath or when on my own. I used to listen to a different podcast every night in bed before I went to sleep. 

If you don't know what a podcast is, it's essentially a digital audio file that you can download to a computer or mobile device.You can subscribe to podcasts as well so that new instalments automatically pop up on your phone or computer. 

There are so many different podcasts on so many different subjects, from comedy to serious subjects like conspiracy theories or murders. I love listening to Table Manners by Jessie Ware, where her and her mother invite celebrity guests to dinner, and they all enjoy a good chat over food. I also love My Dad Wrote a Porno, where a guy named Jamie reads a new chapter of a series of amateur erotic novels, which just so happen to have been written by his dad!

My love of podcasts inspired me to start my own, as a no holds barred view of someone who is on a weight loss journey, through the gains and losses, including the good the bad and the ugly! I wanted it to be a space for honest chat, foodie talk and laughs.

This week I am joined by Emma to tackle the Christmas gains, the Sugar Pink January challenge, being on TV, getting hate, our diet plans and our diet tips, PLUS we answer questions from followers.

Sugar Pink Podcast

How to listen

Sugar Pink Podcast

The Sugar Pink Podcast is available on Apple or Android, through the iTunes store or on Podcast Addict n Android. Just search 'Sugar Pink Podcast' within those platforms, subscribe and listen!