Celebrating 3 Big Blog Milestones!

A long time ago I was messing around on my computer, and wondered if my name was available as a domain. Thanks to my unique name, latoyah.co.uk was free, so I bought it instantly. 

It sat there for a few years empty, until I decided to start saving my recipes online.

Celebrating 3 Big Blog Milestones!

Never did I imagine all that time ago where my blog would take me, and the things it would make possible. I have been lucky enough to attend events, review products, and even earn money through my website.

I get to share recipes that I love, and help to inspire others who may have gotten a little 'food bored' along the way.

I really love having my website and the community that I have built around it.

In the last few weeks I hit a few massive milestones that I am extremely proud of. I appreciate that these numbers are nothing compared to some bigger brands, but sometimes you need to stop comparing yourself to others and appreciate what you have achieved for yourself.

My main Social Media channel for promoting my blog has always been on Facebook. When I first started, it was as easy as sharing a post and the people that followed you got to see it.

Now though, Facebook is a huge billion dollar company, and the make it really hard for 'little guys' like me. They actively hide your posts from your existing followers, and constantly try and get you to pay them for the privilege of your posts appearing in your current followers feeds.

I am proud to say that I haven't paid Facebook for years, and just work extremely hard on building organic reach.

Last week I hit an incredible amount of 65000 followers! Something I am really proud of. If it wasn't for the lovely and supportive people following me, I wouldn't still be doing it!

I also hit 10000 followers on Instgram as well! As I mentioned, Facebook has always been my main channel, and I was late to the party on Insta. Insta is owned by Facebook, and has started to employ the same crazy algorithms.

Celebrating 3 Big Blog Milestones!

I also surpassed 5.5 million views on my website! So thank you to anyone reading this post, and for anyone who has ever used one of my recipes or followed my page!