Sugar Pink May - Free 30 Day Healthy & Fitness Challenge

Way back at the start of 2019, I launched the Sugar Pink January challenge. The idea behind it was to create a supportive community of like minded people, who are all working towards the common goal of losing weight and getting fitter. 

I even had our local BBC spotlight news come and visit me and film all about the Sugar Pink January challenge. I was also on the local radio, talking about all the amazing people that had signed up to take part in it.

Throughout January, myself and the others on the January challenge had been working hard to keep on track and lose as much weight as we can. I personally lost 7lbs in the month, which I was really pleased about. 

Of the people that submitted their losses, an incredible 35 stone was shed collectively!

Some of the feedback from those who took part in previous challenges:

'It gave me inspiration for healthy meals and makes me feel more accountable for what I put on my plate even though they'd never judge. Really supportive, complete game changer for me!'

'Great to be able to have support and give support'

 'So nice to be part of such a friendly group of people. There can be such bitchiness in these groups, but there is none of that in this one.'

'Being part of the previous challenges really helped to keep me on track!'

Download the 30 day workout plan here, as well as the Sugar Pink May Workbook an Worksheet!

What is the challenge?

The challenge is to continue 2019 in the healthiest and best way that you can. Whichever diet plan you may be following. The challenge is open to anyone on any plan.

Ultimately the aim is to improve your diet and fitness for May.

A huge part of the challenge is holding yourself accountable for taking part by regularly posting withing a closed group.

The May challenge will be 30 days, each week will have a different theme to work on.

Week 1: Food

In week 1 we will focus on food, eating healthily and sticking to your diet plan EVERY day. As it is the first week of the challenge, we need to get our heads in the game and make sure that we set ourselves up with the right for the rest of the challenge.

As I mentioned previously, this challenge is open to anyone on any diet plan. Of course you are welcome to use any of the recipes from my website, or alternatively follow my own low calorie 7 day meal plan.

You will be encouraged to post your daily food photos in the Closed Facebook Group, to hold yourself accountable and to help inspire others.

Week 2: Fitness

I have put together a mini workout plan for the whole 30 days, but week 2 is when the main focus will be on this. The workout plan is very gentle and aimed at those who are perhaps not currently working out, but would also be a good addition for anyone who is currently working out.

Download the 30 day workout plan here, as well as the Sugar Pink May Workbook an Worksheet!

You will be encouraged to post your workout photos, step counts, and anything fitness related in the Closed Facebook Group,

Week 3: Focus

Week 3 is all about finding your focus, setting goals, and putting everything you learnt in weeks 1 and 2 into practice.

By this point you should have been on plan for 2 weeks, as well as increasing your fitness.

You will be encouraged to post your goals, achievements, and hopes for future successes in the Closed Facebook Group

Week 4: Fun!

After 3 weeks of food, focus and fitness, the final week is all about fun! We will be focusing on the lighter side of dieting and fitness, and the things we can do to help make it more fun.

There will be some mini photo competitions and challenges to take part in, as well as some prizes to be given away for those that have thrown themselves into the challenge.

All will be taking part in the Closed Facebook Group!

How much does it cost?

The challenge is FREE to take part in! I will be running the challenge predominantly from within the special closed Facebook group.

I may offer products to help you with the challenge, such as my planners or meal planning kits, but you don't need to purchase anything to get involved and come along on the journey. 

The only real cost is your own time and effort to help improve you health and wellbeing! 

I will be a little bit stricter this time, and those who are not actively taking part in the challenge will be removed.

Listen and subscribe to the Sugar Pink Podcast as we chat about the challenge and lives trying to lose weight!