Slimming World Friendly: Brilliant Beef Recipes

Brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of beef.  It can sometimes be quite tough but when cooked properly it is absolutely beautiful and just melts in the mouth! I wanted to create a delicious meal with plenty of leftovers for take to work lunches, this is absolutely luxurious as well as simple and easy to make.  

By creating a rub for the meat and marinating overnight, there is plenty of flavour and a rich smoky BBQ taste.

I had some leftover roast beef and wanted to come up with a way of using it the next day for lunch. This is a lovely simple recipe and it tastes delicious! I served mine with a poached egg and a salad, very satisfying and filling!

By using both your Healthy Extras means that this dish is syn free and delicious. (Add 6 Syns for the bread and 6 Syns for the cheese if not using your HE on extra easy plan) As always with recipes like this, you can adapt it and add whatever fillings you like. This recipe makes 2 Calzones.

This is really filling and tasty and the leftovers are great for lunches the next day. I served mine with salad. The is syn free if using the cheese as a HE A. 

I love trying out new flavours and getting inspiration from things I see on TV. I heard about a tomato and maple sauce with meatballs, and had to try one out for myself. 

I made this low syn and tasty version, that cooks perfectly in the slow cooker. I used a low sugar maple flavour syrup, but you could also use maple syrup and syn it.

This is a great week night meal and even better still, it involves a yummy BBQ flavour and melted mozzarella!  It's really easy to put to together and this recipe makes 4 portions, perfect for extra lunches.

If you haven't already tried the Kraft Light Thousand Island Dressing it's a great sauce to have in the cupboard and costs only 0.5 syns per table spoon and also holds a striking resemblance in taste to the McDonalds big mac sauce (see big mac in a bowl!)

An amazing pasta bake with a Mexican twist! 

Some things are just too good to give up on a diet. Luckily on Slimming World there are ways of food optimising so that you can still have some of your favourite foods.   I really fancied a big burger meal and using both my healthy extras meant that I could re-create this classic without using any of my syns!  I had a double beef burger, bacon, cheese, chips, coleslaw and beans- all free on the extra easy plan!

You can't beat chilli nachos with lashings of cheese, sour cream and guacamole.  Tortillas are a no go on SW so I made this instead. It satisfied all my cravings, even though it was completely syn free!  Just use 40g of light cheddar as your healthy extra and cram the chilli with as much veg as possible.  For the topping I made a "mocck mole" instead of guacamole with superspeed mushy peas.

If you like my pulled chicken fajita mix then you'll love this sizzling beef recipe! Easy to whip up in a frying pan or skillet and can be served in egg wraps, with salad or simply with rice.

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