Review- Jaz & Jul's Drinking Chocolate

It's that time of year again.  The nights are drawing in, there is a definite chill in the air and we are already being bombarded with Christmas adverts on the TV.  As soon as this time if year hits, I love nothing more than to curl up on the sofa with a hot drink in my hand to warm me up and hide away from the rain lashing against the window.   I recently gave up drinking coffee as the caffeine really affects me (I was having a large Caramel Machiato every weekday morning...the calorie content in that is enough to make anyone stop drinking coffee!!)  I needed to find a new hot drink to keep me warm in winter, and satisfy my sweet tooth.

I recently bought a Flavourly Box to help me discover new foods and in amongst it was a little box of hot chocolate by Jaz & Jules.  I am very fussy when it comes to hot chocolate.  I cannot abide the instant powder you can buy, and especially cannot stand any hot chocolate that is made with water instead of milk.  A quick look again at the packaging and I noticed that not only was it hand made and organic, it was also WHITE hot chocolate!!

This got me even more intrigued and I decided to have a look at their website.

We make proper hot chocolate, using real chocolate, spices and fruit oils to create a variety of natural flavours.

We work with small producers, aiming to know not just the country of origin but the full journey of our ingredients and to make direct contact with the growers.

Our mixtures come in the form of fine chocolate shavings, so making a drink is quick and easy for home or barista use.

A workers’ co-operative produces chocolate from tree-to-bar on the Caribbean island of Grenada, using solar energy to power their equipment. A cargo sailboat makes an annual voyage to Europe with the aim of bringing over as much of the chocolate as they can in a carbon-neutral way.

As the Grenada Chocolate Company is a very small collective of farms, we are one of only a few UK companies to use their chocolate. Malagasy cocoa from the Sambirano valley in Madagascar has unique fruity aromas, slightly spicy and a little sharp.

Farmers are paid above fair trade standards and use production methods which aim to contribute to the reforestation of Madagas

This made me love the product even more.  Fair trade, organic and the smell of the chocolate was so sweet and beautiful, I couldn't wait to try it.   The directions say to use 2 tablespoons of the chocolate mix per cup of milk, and I must admit I added an extra sprinkle, just for luck!

The result was a delicious, silky smooth cup of what looked and tasted like a liquid chocolatey heaven! I couldn't get enough of it, and oh too soon was my 60g sampler pack empty.  The only problem I now have is deciding which of their amazing flavours to try next!!

Masala Mojo  
Raspberry Dream   
Cinnamon Rose 
Variety pack Variety pack    
Caralimelicious Caralimelicious  
Quite White Quite White  
Chilli Con Choccy    
Gingerbread, man! 

All hot chocolates are priced between £8.00-£8.50 and are available here.  Jaz & Juls also sell a range of gourmet, natural ice lollies with their own unique twist. 

With Christmas just around the corner, this would make the perfect gift for the chocoholic in your life! Or you can just be greedy like me and keep it all for yourself!!

L x