Review: Yorkshire Tea

Taylors of Harrogate is a family run business that was founded in 1886 in Harrogate. Since then they've built their business based on key principles of quality, fairness and respect for the people they work with and the planet. They're still proudly family owned today and aim to stay as true to their values as possible.

Tea is a part of the social fabric of Britain, and Yorkshire Tea are known as being one of the best. They are known for quality and this is partly down to their tea buying team.  They can taste anything up to 1000 cups in a day, just so that they can use their carefully trained pallets to analyse and judge each different type of tea to bring you the best.

I have been sent some Yorkshire Gold tea to try. This is their ‘best ever’ brew. It's a bright, luxurious cup with a smooth malty flavour that comes from a blend of teas from the top ten tea gardens in the world, particularly those in Assam, Kenya and Rwanda.

I took some time out to make myself a nice brew.  I like my tea strong, so only had a little milk so I could experience the full flavour.  It has a rich flavour, as promised, and was really enjoyable. Once I had the one cup, I couldn't stop! It's is a good job that there are 80 teabags in the box, so this will see me through the winter.

L x