Review: Veg in a Box Roast Box

I previously tried out and reviewed the amazing Veg In A Box with their fruit and veg box and their breakfast box.  They have been so popular that they have once again teamed up Copper Hill Farms meats to being you a roast dinner box.  I LOVE a Sunday roast and this is such a great idea, a meat of your choice and all the veggies you need in 1 box.

I chose lamb and also had a few extra bits of fruit thrown in as well!

Here is the end result!  There is so much on the plate that you can't even see how much veg there is!  We had carrots, beans, cabbage, curly kale, parsnips, suede, cauliflower, broccoli and roast potatoes with a cheeky Yorkshire pudding added on.   The veg was all to the usual high standard of their boxes and so was the delicious leg of lamb from Copper Hill Farms meats.  This box fed 3 of us with plenty of left overs at the very reasonably priced £25.  Another amazing idea from veg in a box, I will definitely be getting one of these again!

L x