How Breakfast Should and Shouldn't be done!

How breakfast should be done...

I rarely eat breakfast (I know, I know most important meal of the day etc...) but when I do, I like it to be done properly.  This morning, for example, we spent most of the morning sorting out the spare room and taking all the crap that it was engulfed with to the tip.  I rewarded our hard work with a Full English fry up oven up. So called as the only things that are actually fried are the eggs and black pudding.  Not the healthiest of breakfasts, but a little less fried.

This is my other half, Nick's, but mine wasn't much smaller!

How breakfast shouldn't be done...

I haven't stayed in many hotels or B&Bs, but I love the thought of getting a breakfast when you wake, especially if it is an all you can eat buffet or continental breakfast and I can just sit and gorge until I am unable to move   

A few months ago my boyfriend and I had a mini break away to London.  We were only staying for 1 night, so didn't think that finding a place to stay would be that hard.  We left it too late, and after a good few hours of searching for something within our budget and a pretty central location, I think we both lost the will to live.   Eventually we settled on "The Golden Star Hotel" in Victoria.  Admittedly we should have read the reviews, but at this point I was close to ditching the whole idea, so BF booked it quick.  It looked okay from the outside on Google Maps and was only £70 for the night with breakfast included.

Found from here

When we got there, after our long 4 and a half hour coach ride, we knocked on the door. A large and somewhat smelly man answered and invited us in. He handed over a piece of paper with handwritten prompts for full name, date of birth, passport number, nationality & home address. This immediately stank of identity theft. Filling in the minimal details he asked for cash for payment for the room. We advised that we only had cards to pay he insisted we pay in cash. After finally convincing him to accept a card payment we were advised that the chip and pin machine was a few doors down. The man walked us to a residential address which looked as though it could have been a front for human trafficking. This should have been more than enough of a warning of what was to come. He told us that breakfast would be brought to our room at a time to suit us, and we agreed 9am.

The bed was similar in comfort to a wooden board, and the cover was apparently made of that same material used for potato sacks from a kids sack race on school sports day.  We got ready in the morning and suddenly it dawned on us... he didn't actually ask what we wanted for breakfast.  What if we were vegetarians, or had allergies?  Nothing could have prepared us for what arrived at 8:30. (Yes, we did say 9?)

So, we have 2 slices of stone cold toast, a pot of stewed tea with room temperature milk, pre-tea soaked clumpy sugar, 2 cold hard boiled eggs and some butter and marmalade smeared on a plate.  There are so many things that could have made this look a little less ghetto.  Pre packed butter and marmalade, or even just a ramekin instead of just casually smearing it all over a plate.  If the toast and eggs hadn't been made hours before being served to us, then it could've been a little more edible, or maybe just a simple egg cup.  Needless to say we hot-footed it out of there, to the nearest McDonalds for a breakfast!

L x