Tips For Setting Up Your Morning Mood

*This is a contributed post* 

How many mornings in your adult life have you woken up feeling groggy, tired, exhausted? As if it’s a real challenge to get to the shower. Usually when you’re out and you arrive at work or your first responsibility of the day, you’ll feel awake and present. You feel fine. But that first hour in the morning can be quite a heavy one. We can often feel our most lethargic, as if we wish to just crawl back into bed and comfort ourselves as much as possible.

But does it have to be this way? Well, part of your morning will be related to how well you have slept the previous night. Taking measures to improve your sleep is important. But it’s also important to consider what you should do getting out of bed, and how you might avoid the continual trappings and habits we can often fall into, those habits that are less healthy than we might like to consider.

No matter who you are or what your intent for the day might be, we hope you find some help in the following words here:

Get Outside

It might not seem like you have time to spare, but if you ensure to give yourself enough room in the morning, a quick two minute walk around the park nearby, or even around your garden, can help you feel much more refreshed immediately. This summer we’d like to hope that the sun will shine almost every morning, and if that’s the case, getting a little Vitamin D straight from the best source there is can do wonders for your morning mood. Take a deep breath of the fresh air outside, as this can also help you avoid the lethargy-inducing feeling of your bedroom environment, especially after eight hours of sleeping there.

Brew Yourself A Cup

A small, refined cup of coffee in the morning can give you the kickstart you need to leave your house with a spring in your step. Better yet, signing onto a coffee subscription can help you utilize continual, high quality options, ensuring you’re never out. Be sure to be mindful of your caffeine intake and don’t drink any after 4pm, but with high quality beans you’ll find yourself enjoying the morning mood to a higher degree.

Play Some Music!

A little music can truly help your morning mood. Just make sure it can ease you into the day. Having Spotify or Apple Music connected to your home assistant can allow you to wake up to your favourite song. Some gentle classical or jazz can go a long way here, but if you’re the person who wishes to jump out of bed with energy, you’re free to choose your own options of course. It’s all up to you. You can also select for the music to slowly increase in volume to avoid the immediate blast of aggression that might come from the song you’ve selected.

With these tips, we hope your morning mood is nothing but beautiful.