Wonderful Wedding Food: Your Options!

Food is a huge part of your wedding celebrations, and can also be one of the most expensive components. Thankfully, there are plenty of options at different price points, so regardless of what kind of wedding you’re having or what you have to spend you should be able to find something suitable. My Podcast Co-Host Emma is getting married in 2020, so here are some ideas for wedding food options!

*This is a contributed post*

Create your own buffet

Buffets are always crowd pleasers- you can fill them with all different kinds of finger foods so there’s always something for everyone. Perfect for kids and adults alike, and best of all this option is ideal if you’re on a budget. Between you and some close loved ones, you can prepare all of your wedding food the night before and then have someone bring it out on the day shortly before the reception. Marinated chicken drumsticks, quiches, sandwiches, cakes and pastries are all favourites. They’re things you can do well even without much cooking knowledge, and the rest can be bought in relatively cheaply from the supermarket. Buffets are considered as more of a casual dining option but really they suit most kinds of weddings, you can always make yours a little more fancy if you’re going for a more formal vibe. For example, you could purchase some elegant cake stands and display stunning looking cakes and desserts which will make an impact. You could serve your food ‘afternoon tea’ style, so finger sandwiches and dainty bites instead of your more standard buffet fare. 

Hot food stations

This is something that’s becoming increasingly popular with weddings. If you want to serve hot food but without the cost or formality of a sit down meal, hot food stations are a great choice. Guests go up and can either serve themselves or are served their choice of food options by a member of staff. You can choose anything from traditional carvery to pizza, curry and so much more- loads of companies offer this so find something that fits with your theme and preferences. 

Food truck/ vendor

If you want to go for really casual yet delicious food options for your wedding, a simple food truck or vendor style could work perfectly. Companies offer everything from hog roasts and baked potatoes to falafels, hot dogs and more. Other kinds of food vendors you could consider would be dessert options- how about an ice cream van or a chocolate fountain? These could be served after whichever meal option you go for. 

Sit down meal

Do you have a traditional wedding in mind? You’ve gone with the big white dress, traditional cake, a stunning classic venue and a live wedding band like Happy Hour playing to your guests. In this case, a sit down meal might be the only option that will do, and although it’s more expensive it’s classic and timeless. Your venue may provide dining options or you might have to hire third party caterers to come in. 

What would be your preferred food option for your wedding?