Inspirational Weight Loss- Slimming World Successes

Lot's of people start off a new year vowing to make a change and get back into shape.  Some will where others will succeed and achieve their dreams. As I am an online member of Slimming World, I don't always get the same support that some people swear by in groups.  The thing that inspires me the most is seeing some success stories.

Usually a "success" would mean somebody that has hit their target. Personally, I believe that success is making the choice, making the change and seeing the results, whether big or small.  I consider the 3 stone I have lost so far a success and when I eventually hit my target (hopefully before the end of 2015!) I will celebrate that success with a massive party!

I put a post out on Facebook to ask for any of these stories to share in a post aimed at inspiring others.  I had a great response and was pleased so many of you wanted to get involved and help others who are starting up again, or even joining for the first time. Reading through the stories myself has been such an amazing motivation, and I hope it helps you too.

Juliet Wilson- 2.5st loss so far

 "I joined SW in the last week of May 2014 and have lost 2.5st, I have a rare form of muscular dystrophy and am also a young mum, I had my son in 2013 at the age of 20. I find the diet incredible for my health and the fact I don't need to exercise is perfect for me, since losing the weight I can now walk for longer, my breathing has greatly improved and I'm far less tired than I used to be. I feel much more confident about myself and love finding the true 'me' again. I gained weight due to a huge health decline and I ended up pretty much dependant on my wheelchair again, I then fell pregnant so along with not being able to exercise I used the pregnancy to excuse my terrible eating habits. I got to 14st 7lb and desperately wanted change, I tried to calorie control using an app and lost 7lb but I soon gave up and piled it all back on, I then went to see someone about a protein shake diet and she weighed me, put me on a machine to measure my body fat and said some awful things to me, one of them being 'If I was making a film and needed someone to play a part where they had the worst eating habits, I'd pick you'. Now I didn't gorge on mcdonalds or fast food so I felt totally shocked, infact I had about one meal a day, one glass of pepsi Max if I was lucky and that was about it. The cost and her attitude put me off so I bucked my ideas up and joined slimming world at 14st 5, I haven't looked back and I now weigh in at 11st 12lb. I've had incredible support from my loving partner Jaeson through the entire journey, I'm not really able to cook as I can't lift a lot of pans of or chop very well and having him there every step of the way has been a lifesaver! I'm now living life to the max with him and our little boy Blake and loving it, I lost all this weight so I could be a better Mum for him, get out of my wheelchair and play with him like I'd always imagined!"

Liz Cully- 2st 1lb loss so far

"It started with a holiday with my friends for our 30th birthdays. We went to Vegas but I found it was a struggle for me to walk up and down the Vegas strip and keep up with my friends.  When I came home I joined slimming world. Weighing in at 18st 3. I started exercising and been at this about 2 years now I go to the gym 4 times a week doing spin/running etc.
I had lost 3st 7lb but I have yo yo'd for a year and with Christmas I am now at 2st 1lb loss.  The journey continues. .. no giving up!"

Amanda Whitehead- 18lb loss and target member

"I have lost 18 lb since June and gone from a size 16 to a size 10 Whoohoo. .. I'm happy to take part in your blog to inspire other people to loose weight... I hit my target and am never going back which is why I still follow sw and your recipes to keep me on track.

Much love and thank you for your fan support 
Photo before and after (me little dumpy blonde on the right) ha ha"

Emma O'Sullivan- 4st 4lbs loss so far

"Started off at 17 Stone 10 and am now 13 stone 6, I am still trying to get to my target weight of 10 stone, I now feel wonderful, I used to suffer with severe knee pain and now the pain is gone. I am enjoying learning about exercise and in return feeling fitter as a result"

Tracey Needham- 6.5st loss

"My before and afte  6.5 stone down, at target now gone from size 24 to a 12 :))"

Amanda Cholerton- 2st loss

"I've lost 2 stone which isn't as much as many people but I have to work hard for every pound which is why it took me 9 months!"

Sharon Carr- 

2 stone from target

Julie Wyatt- 4.5st loss and target member

"4.5 stone down , 1.5 stone lost doing it alone then joined sw April 2014 lost another 3 stone hit target end November 2014"

Louise- 3.5st Loss & Target Member

When I first started slimming world I was nearly 16 stone, really unhappy with the way I looked and seeing size 18 clothes starting to appear in my wardrobe I knew something had to change, my doctor had voiced concerns about my weight when I been for a pill check, so it when a leaflet popped through my door with a new slimming world group starting up I thought this was the perfect opportunity to start my weight loss journey, I began doing slimming world on 2nd November 2013, Sam Vaughan is my consultant and a fabulous one at that.

Within 2 weeks I lost half a stone and just before Christmas I lost a stone! I stuck to plan over Christmas and by February achieved club 10!

I had my first gain of half a pound in March and I was horrified (I know now that half a pound is a small amount to gain)

So I decided to start writing it all down, religiously keeping a food diary so I could stay on track.
It helped and the following week I lost 3 & a half pounds.

I reached my target of 12 stone 3lbs on the 9th August 2014 having lost 3 & a half stone.

I was nominated for woman of the year at our group and I had the great honour of being our groups miss slinky 2014!

I have now been at target for 5 months and I still love going to group, being part of something really special, have made some wonderful friends along the way and it's great to see everyone achieving their dreams!

Such amazing achievements ladies, I am so pleased for each of you.  Thank you so much to those who sent me their stories, I hope you feel as inspired as I do!

L x