Recipe:- Slimming World Mint Hot Chocolate Jelly Treats

After dinner I often crave something sweet.  I spotted a recipe by a blog called Fopperholic and decided to try it out for myself, but with my own twist.  These treats taste just like a mint hot chocolate and have a lovely jelly sweet texture. I bought some jelly moulds online and this recipe made 36 jellys.

Makes 36 small Jellys

Extra Easy Syn Values:- 1 syn per 10 small sweets

Healthy Extras:- None

You will need:- 
1/4 pint of boiling water
2 sachets of gelatine
1 mint muller light yoghurt
2 tbsp sweetener
2 sachets of mint chocolate options


Mix the ingredients together and pour into jelly moulds. 

Place in fridge and leave for around 20 minutes to set

L x

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