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Try my baked feta gnocchi recipe for a healthier twist on the viral trend of baked feta pasta. Enjoy the hearty texture of gnocchi in a creamy sauce with simple ingredients and fewer calories. Perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner that's both flavorful and satisfying.

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If you're looking for a healthy and delicious dinner recipe that's both satisfying and easy to prepare, you'll definitely want to try this lower calorie baked feta gnocchi dish. This baked feta recipe is a spin-off from the popular baked feta pasta trend that has taken the internet by storm in recent years. However, instead of using traditional pasta, this recipe incorporates soft and pillowy gnocchi, which makes it a perfect gnocchi idea for a quick weeknight dinner.

The star ingredient of this dish is the baked feta cheese, which adds a creamy and tangy flavor that perfectly complements the savory gnocchi. Feta cheese is a great source of protein, calcium, and vitamin B12. Additionally, the use of lower calorie ingredients in this recipe ensures that you won't feel guilty about indulging in a delicious meal.

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This healthy and flavorful baked feta gnocchi recipe is the perfect way to enjoy a lower calorie version of the viral baked feta pasta dish. It's a quick and easy meal that's sure to impress your family and friends with its bold flavors and satisfying texture.

Whether you're a fan of gnocchi or just looking for a new healthy dinner recipe, this baked feta gnocchi dish is sure to become a household favorite.

Baked feta gnocchi, Healthy dinner recipe, Lower calorie baked feta, Baked feta pasta

The Viral Trend: Baked Feta Pasta

Have you heard about the latest viral trend taking over the internet? It's called baked feta pasta, and it's a simple yet delicious dish that has taken the world by storm. The basic recipe involves baking a block of feta cheese until it's soft and creamy, then tossing it with pasta, cherry tomatoes, and other ingredients to create a rich and flavorful sauce.

What is Gnocchi?

But have you ever considered swapping the pasta for gnocchi? Gnocchi is a traditional Italian dish made from potatoes, flour, and eggs, and it has a soft and pillowy texture that's similar to pasta. While it's not as widely known or popular as pasta, it's a delicious and versatile dish that's perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

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Creamy Baked Feta Gnocchi Recipe | One Pan Dish