Fun Activities with Friends This Autumn

As we bid farewell to our busy summer social calendars, we welcome the undeniably delightful season of autumn back into our lives. From witnessing the leaves turn crisp to welcoming the holiday season; autumn is a spectacular time that everyone can revel in.

However, this also means that shorter days are approaching, which is why you and your friends should make the most of this particular season. With that in mind, we've rounded up some fun activities for you to enjoy throughout autumn and all the splendour that comes with it.

Have a Bake Off

There's just something about this season that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. So, why not take advantage of the cosy climate by inviting your friends over for a bake off? From indulging yourselves in wonderful food to debating which creation reigns supreme, autumn is truly a lovely time for a hearty dessert shared with your best friends. Plus, you'll have a good excuse to have a warm cup of tea to accompany your baked delights.

Play Bingo

You can even mix things up by challenging each other to bake classic desserts like a custard treacle tart or even a creamy Eton Mess, as if you were in your own version of the Great British Bake Off. You never know, the next Mary Berry may just be amongst your group.

With bright neon lights and colourful confetti canons, The Guardian shares that bingo is making a comeback with new and exciting disco-like bingo centres. These venues encourage you to dance, enjoy live music, and even feast on great food while playing bingo. But which type of bingo should you choose? The glossary on Foxy Bingo notes that 90-ball is the UK’s favourite version, as it keeps players on their toes as they compete to finish the three patterns first. This is a wonderful way for friends to spend time together, play, and win prizes — or, at least, create some great memories together.

And with the cool autumn weather forcing us to stay indoors on some days, this classic British game is just beckoning us to indulge in a bit of bingo this season. You and your friends can have heaps of fun as bingo isn’t just an activity for seniors – it’s an entertaining game that gets everyone involved and engaged.


One of our favourites under ‘Exciting Activities for Winter’ is to go hiking as it helps us appreciate nature in all its wonder. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for winter to go hiking with your friends. And just like a winter hike, an autumn one has unparalleled beauty to offer, wherever your chosen adventure is.

There's just something about the kaleidoscopic autumn colours that can make hiking with your friends feel quite special. For spectacular views, you should consider venturing to New Forest National Park in Hampshire, as it's home to mighty trees like redwoods and beech trees.


Taking pictures

Autumn is a beautiful and colourful season, with vibrant hues of red, gold, and brown dying leaves. And this can make for stunning photographs. Therefore, you can consider taking pictures with your friends as you explore the season's beauty. You can also make extra income by selling them as stock photos, so keep this in mind. However, your photography sessions don’t have to end with your environment. Explore other fun online concepts such as foot fetish pics, pet photography, unique architecture, and so on.

Once you've come down from your hike, you and your friends will have another opportunity to experience autumn in all its beauty. While the sun may have set and the gorgeous auburn, red, and gold leaves are no longer in sight, the night ushers in the chance to do a bit of stargazing. Located in Hampshire as well, the South Downs National Park is a fitting place for you and your friends to gaze at the night's star-studded skies, as it is one of the world's 11 International Dark Sky Reserves.

Even if stargazing sounds simple, it is a magical moment that you can treasure with your friends. The BBC reveals that autumn is the best season to go stargazing as you'll see various galaxies in our universe. So find a spot away from the city lights, and you might even sneak a peek of the Andromeda galaxy, 2.5 million light years away.