Top 10 most romantic places in Great Britain

*This is a collaborative post*

Great Britain is the kingdom of ancient castles, amazing legends, and unique landscapes... What wonders you will find here! Undoubtedly, this is one of the most romantic countries in the world.
However, romance can be different: for some, it is expressed in walks along the beach at sunset, while for others, it means visiting unique corners of the planet and sights full of cultural meaning. However, in our list of the most romantic places in Britain, there is a place for everyone.

1. Country Romance: Cotswolds

This region is considered one of the most picturesque corners of England. Small villages with fabulous houses and beautiful landscapes contribute to the awakening of pleasant emotions and warm feelings. Going to these places with your soulmate that you can find among lonely ladies online, stay for a couple of days at the quiet, comfortable Bed and Breakfast so that you have time to enjoy the rustic idyll.

2. Mystical Romance: Glastonbury Tor

Everyone knows that the famous rock festival is taking place in Glastonbury. However, music is not the only reason for interest in these places. Here is the legendary Glastonbury Tor hill, the cradle of numerous myths and legends associated with the mysterious island of Avalon, King Arthur, and the wizard Merlin. Glastonbury Tor is considered the point of concentration of the most powerful energy flows. 

3. Resort Romance: Whitstable

The small resort town of Whitstable is located in Kent. This charming place is famous for its oysters – they have been collected here since the time of the Romans! Oh, how much room is there for romance: you can go sailing or spend the whole day on the beach, renting a small beach house, eat oysters in a coastal cafĂ©, and walk along the seashore, watching the sun go down over the horizon.

4. Royal Romance: Windsor

The small English city of Windsor is world-famous thanks to the Windsor Castle located here – the residence of British kings. For over 900 years, the castle has been an unshakable symbol of the monarchy, towering on a hill in the Thames Valley. This is “the most romantic of all castles in the world,” according to the 17th-century writer Samuel Pips. Having visited the castle, plunge into the atmosphere of royal luxury! Be sure to stroll through the streets of this nice town – even outside the castle, you can have a great time! 

5. Pure English Romance: Ludlow

Ludlow is called one of the brightest small cities in the UK. Located in the county of Shropshire, very close to Wales; it is surrounded by picturesque hills and can be an ideal place for romantic walks in the countryside. In the city itself, you will find many purely English entertainments: an old castle, excellent restaurants, a pretty market and all kinds of holidays and festivals that take place here all year round.

6. Wildlife Romance: Lake District

The lake region is famous for its picturesque mountain and lake landscapes. It is so beautiful and romantic that it is breathtaking! Here Cheviot Hills begin, serving as a natural geographical border with Scotland. Steep mountains, low green valleys, mysterious lakes inspired many poets and artists, including William Wordsworth and Beatrice Potter who lived here. This territory was declared a reserve in 1951 to preserve all the beauty of the region's nature for future generations.

7. Medieval Romance: Canterbury

Canterbury is an ancient city located in the southeast of England, in the county of Kent. One of the most important ghosts of early English literature, "The Canterbury Tales" by Jeffrey Chaucer, tells the story of the life of a medieval city. There are many secrets and legends associated with Canterbury Cathedral. Canterbury is fascinating, and once here with your loved one, you involuntarily plunge into the world of amazing fantasies. 

8. Exotic Romance: Eden Project

Want to feel like Adam and Eve? Go to Eden! The Eden Project is a huge botanical garden in Cornwall. In the greenhouse, consisting of several geodesic domes, flowers and plants from around the world are collected. The greenhouse area is 22,000 square kilometers! 

9. The romance of Ancient Legends: Giant’s Causeway

Want to go where the giants lived? Northern Ireland is an incredibly beautiful and romantic region. The reason for this landscape is the volcanic eruption that happened here 60 million years ago. Impressions of such an amazing place just need to be shared with your loved one!

10. Alternative Romance: Alternative London Tour

The London East End is a unique district of the London capital, famous for its eclecticism and, of course, wall paintings and installations by artists such as Banksy, Stik, and Cityzen Kane. An alternative tour of London can make for an incredible date experience with your significant other. Walking routes feature interesting spots such as street markets, parks and abandoned buildings; visit some historical sites in East End to glean insight into its past; enjoy local delicacies and drinks while on your journey. Make use of Kings Cross left luggage facilities so as to be free to discover all aspects of the city! This tour promises to make for a special momentous journey!