How to make your hostess obligations easier

* This is a Collaborative Post *

Being embroiled in hostess obligations can quickly feel like you’ve been thrown into the deep
end without a life jacket! There’s a never-ending list of logistics to iron out, and it’s important that the many moving parts of the evening go as smooth as possible so that you can
focus on the bit you love most – the food!

But what can you do here to ensure everything goes well? Consequently, here’s how to make
your hostess obligations easier.

Order and control

You can’t do a good job if you’re stressed. Distractions will crop up, and misery will start to settle in. As a hostess, you can’t let these negative emotions cloud your judgement or influence your persona at this time, so it’s important to stay positive and manage your stress levels effectively. After all, they’re bound to ebb and flow somewhat here. You need to plan well in advance to curb any stressful thoughts and feelings. For example, you can give each guest a slightly different time so that they trickle in at a manageable rate, instead of flooding in at once with an overwhelming sense of chaos. You can also keep them all preoccupied with a cocktail or two while food is being readied, so that again, you’re letting the event breathe and not having everything happen all at once.

Real conversations

An extension of providing some order as a hostess is to ensure that real and positive conversations are taking place. Make certain that there’s no complaining, overlapping chats, or selfish interactions. This might sound easier said than done, but the hostess sets the tone and the rules; which means you can loosely coordinate how things will go. Of course, it’s equally important not to be overbearing with any rules you’re setting down. Still, it’s not uncommon to establish things like themes and moods in your invites, or to encourage an atmosphere of bonding and sharing too. Understanding and intimacy are always well-received and fast tracks people to get on, which will in turn eliminate friction and
arguments that will put further strain on your hostess duties!

Awareness of space

Some hostesses get wrapped up in their imaginations, and subsequently get carried away. It’s important not to let your creativity warp your expectations, and to never lose sight of reality at any point. Therefore, you can make hostess obligations a lot easier on yourself by simply working with what you have in terms of space and being acutely aware of how much of it you have.

If you invite too many people, every single person there will have a bad experience. If you’re performing your role from a smaller property or venue, make sure you use it wisely; fully
utilise storage so that there’s no items blocking seating areas or floor space, ensure you’ve
spread things out so you don’t cluster people together in an even smaller corner, invest in
stylish yet stackable stools from Cox & Cox, etc. Be realistic but smart with the space, and
things will work out fine. Being a hostess doesn’t excuse mess!


Much of making being a hostess easier involves having an acute control over everything
that’s transpiring; even when you’re not always present. It’s a juggling act, so it’s important
that guests trickle in at a steady capacity, drink and socialise with productive conversations
before any meals, and are given enough space to be comfortable. After everything is sensibly
organised guests will have confidence in you and the event, and a great time is guaranteed!