Spring Fashion with Simply Be

* I was gifted this outfit by Simply Be. All words and onions are honest and my own * 

When my weight would fluctuate up and down, I had to give up shopping for clothes, as the new stuff I bought would soon not fit me any more.

 I used to find it hard to find clothes that would fit me well. Tops would fit my boobs and then be too baggy on my stomach, or jeans that fit my legs but not my waist.

A few years ago I started shopping at Simply Be, and found the clothes to be a much better fit all round for my body. They have a huge range of clothes, from sizes 16-32.
When I was at my largest, I didn't have the confidence to wear dresses or show my legs. But the older I get, the more body confident I feel!

Simply Be kindly sent me this dress and some accessories to get me in the mood for some spring fashion, and to help me add some colour into my wardrobe!

The dress has a gorgeous 1940s shape with delicate cap sleeves. The flattering belt creates a beautiful silhouette, and helps to pull everything in at the waist. 

I love the pattern and colour. I am so used to wearing really neutral colours without patterns, but this dress made me feel confident and happy to stand out.

I normally avoid any tops that have buttons on the front, as my boobs usually press the buttons apart. This was a really great fit, without any gaping in sight!

Ellis Lace Up Pumps £16

One of the most important parts of an outfit for me is the shoes. I am 5 foot 11, so don't normally wear heels (as much as I would love to!) as they make me tower above everyone.

Pumps and trainers are my favourite style of shoe day to day, so these Ellis Lace Up Pumps are definitely a bit of me.

They are really comfortable, and come in a range of widths to ensure the best possible fit. Shoes that are too tight can ruin your day, so I love how comfy these are. They have detailing on the heel which means they can be worn to any occasion.

Part of feeling comfortable in a dress, for me, is about having the right thing on my legs. Either leggings or tights As a larger size finding and putting on tights can be a nightmare.  I got a pair of  Figleaves Curve 15 Denier Silk Touch Tights, £10 to go with the outfit.

I was actually worried about putting them on, expecting another tight fitting pair and inevitable ladders, but  pleasantly surprised to see how well they fit as well as how easy they were to put on.

They are a good size on the thighs, and come up high enough around the stomach to hold everything in where you want it to. They are super soft with microfiber stretch, which helps both the fit and how comfy they are to wear day to day.

Check out Simply Be for their huge range of styles from sizes 16-32!