Why a Canal Boat Trip is Perfect for a stag do

If you are planning a Stag Do for the main man in your life, there are so many options and ideas that it can be a scary task. He doesn't want too much of a fuss, and his soon to be wife won't be happy if things get too out of hand!

There are lot's of alternative ideas for celebrating his last night of freedom, other than just hitting the town. There is a rise in the amount of activity days being booked for stag parties, as well as a rise in the options and choices available. 

Booking ahead and using a company to put the activities together for you is always the best option, but the tricky part can be deciding exactly what to do. 

If you want to do something that is a little different to the normal, then a Canal Boat Trip could be exactly what you are looking for.

Why a Canal Boat Trip?

Booking a Canal Boat Trip could be the key to having a stag to remember. Explore the stunning countryside on one of the UK's famous canals, and Skipper your own canal boat. 

This may sound like a lot of responsibility, but with a pre-booked package you can have everything you need for the perfect night.  You can even be provided with pub stops to get a spot of traditional Stag Do drinking in. Have a relaxing cruise in the day, and some drinking fun in the evening. 

With 2 or 3 night packages, you  all stay on board the boat, and use the boat to travel between your various stops along the way. 

Pick the Perfect Location 

You could still use the Stag Do as an excuse to go away a little further afield. There are historic canals all over the UK. 

Some of the most popular locations to go exploring on a Canal Boat, and get yourself one of these packages, are Manchester, where you could cruise into Chester for a night out. Oxford, where there is a choice of 3 pubs along the way The Jolly Boatman, The Highwayman or The Boat Inn. Or Nottingham where you starts & finish at Gunthorpe.

More Freedom

Having a canal boat trip like this gives you more freedom to go out, explore, and take the weekend at your own pace. On some of the cruises you can take all of your own food, drink and even plug your phone into the on board speakers and be DJ for the night. 

You can pick and choose your route, the pubs, the pace and timing of the whole weekend. With the canal boat being your bed for the night AND your mode of transport, it is a great way to feel completely free to explore. 

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