Review: Baboo Gelato, Gelato & Sorbet

* I was gifted these products to try. All words and thoughts are my own * 

At Baboo Gelato the ice cream is handmade using their own fresh, seasonal fruit to produce sensational, mouth-watering flavours.

Each batch of the artisanal ice cream is carefully prepared from scratch on their premises based in Bridport, Dorset, using succulent fruit, local organic milk. The result is an intense, natural flavour of ice cream which comes in scoops, tubs, or our unique chocolate-coated ice cream bites ‘Baboos’.

Gelato is one of my favourite off plan treats, so I was excited for the opportunity to try some and have some in the freezer at all times for me to tuck in to! I also love that the products are all had made and local.

Madagascan Vanilla is the ultimate gelato or ice cream flavour. When you open this tub you can see the ripple of vanilla beans throughout the mix, making it so rich in flavour. Each one of the gelatos are so much creamier and richer than standard ice cream.

This is the flavour that excited me the most! Gin and Tonic is such a delicious flavour combination, and it is just as delicious in gelato form. This has a real freshness to it that's almost like a pallet cleanser. 

This Plum Sorbet has such a rich, deep colour and flavour. I really enjoyed this, it is great to serve with some fresh fruit. 

Salted Caramel has to be my all time favourite flavour combination. The sweet and the salt go so well together. This gelato is so rich and creamy, but also has a strong saltiness to it as well to create the perfect balance. 

Hazelnut gelato is decadent and delicious. It would go really well in my frappacino recipe to create a nutty kick to any flavoured frap!

Double Chocolate was everything you could wish for in a chocolate flavoured gelato. Rich, creamy, strong chocolatey flavours. 

We recently visited Bridport in Dorset and spotted one of the Baboo Gelato huts!

Check out their website for more flavours and to find your nearest stockists.