Slimming World Recipe:- Iced Mocha Frappuccino

I used to love having coffee shop iced frappuccinos, until I found out how many calories are in them! A large mocha frap with cream on top can set you back 35 syns!!! I really fancied one and used Choc Shot to make my own version, which if using milk as your healthy extra is only 4 syns!

Extra Easy Syn Value:- 4

Health Extras:- Some of your A milk allowance

You will need:- 

Handful of ice cubes
1 mug of strong black coffee, made up and cooled
1 tbsp choc shot
100ml skimmed milk
1 tbsp sweetner
Low fat squirty cream


Mix everything together in a blender

Pour into a pint glass and top with 1 squirt of low fat squirt cream

L x

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  1. Looks lovely! Am definitely going to make it as an indulgent treat.. I got addicted to iced coffee on a holiday to Rhodes years ago but it wasn't very sophisticated. They made it using just a heaped teaspoon of Nescafe mixed with a little boiling water (i also add sweeteners) & topped with cold water & whizzed with a hand blender (it's magic it makes it frothy). Poured over a glass full of ice, bliss :-)


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