Foods You Should Stock When a Date Is Coming Over

*This is a contributed post*

A problem that appears quite frequently is when someone is left unprepared in the face of a
date. For example, if you manage to set up a date in person with someone from Tendermeets and suddenly remember that you haven’t had someone over in a while, you need to prepare. After all, there are some foods that should be in everyone’s fridge and pantry when you have dates coming. We’re going to take a look at some of the most important foods to have for your date.

Fresh Fruits

The first thing that you will want to keep around is fresh fruit. Not only are fruits like bananas a great way for you to have good clean energy in your system while you entertain, but they are a great snack to offer to your date. A lot of times, your stomach will be doing jumping jacks before a date, and having something light will be a great way for you to put something in your stomach without having to feel bloated later on. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable with their date in their place for the first time.


Are you looking for good protein and a snack that you can share during a movie? Then you are going to want to keep some nice nuts around your house. Peanuts and cashews are both really good options. They are filled with protein and provide another light but satisfying snack because they are a little salty or sweet depending on the variety that you choose to get. It’s also worth noting that eating some nuts will help keep your stress level lower due to the presence of magnesium in them.

Fresh Veggies

Fresh vegetables are a great way for you to continue to eat something that is healthy while you are hanging around your house. They can be something that will help hydrate you and maintain fresh breath, like celery, and they require very little preparation. You can get a raw veggie platter and keep it around the house so that you can munch on it from time to time. It’s a good way to get to know your date’s tastes as well. Fresh veggies are easy to buy, too. For such low effort and a vast amount of benefits, you should always keep some of these around.

Dark Chocolate

The final form of food that you should keep around if you have a date coming over is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rather sweet so it can count as a dessert that has a whole lot of benefits. Not only is this packed with nutrients but you will also be able to get antioxidant benefits from the candy. However, that’s not all you get when you put out a dish of this so that you can enjoy it with your date. You will also get the chance to have a food that acts as an aphrodisiac. That’s right; some dark chocolate can be just the thing you need to make you and your date more excitable. With all that in mind, it’s a good idea to keep a fresh bowl of dark chocolate in some form on the counter.

As you can see, there are a number of good options for you to have available when you are
eating food at your place and have a date over. For example, you should have some fresh fruits
like bananas, nuts, fresh veggies, and dark chocolate. All of these different foods will be a great
way for you to keep yourself energised, feeling good, and provide you with good tastes for you
and your guest. All in all, these are some foods that you will want to have in stocked when your
date is coming over.