13 Things You Need to Buy Before Starting Slimming World...

Starting Slimming World can be scary or daunting. I have always found that the key to succeeding is in the preparation. I don't just mean prepping food in advance, I mean having all the tools to succeed before you get started.

Here's a list of food, and non food, things you need to buy to help reach Slimming success!

All meals should be served with Speed Food, at least 1/3 of your plate to be precise!

What is speed food? Check out my comprehensive list of speed foods here, as well as suggestions for how to incorporate more into your diet.

13 Things You Need to Buy Before Starting Slimming World

Stock cubes

They are syn free and are great to add to meals for flavour. They are super versatile and great to use as a base for sauces. 

Passata or Chopped tomatoes

So many meals can be made from chopped or sieved tomatoes! If I have any less than 3 cartons of passata left in my cupboard, I start to panic!


They are so versatile, but best of all syn free! They can be used as an accompaniment to most meals.

Smoked Paprika

One of my favourite flavours this adds a beautiful smoky highlight and is great for helping make a syn free BBQ sauce (I use it in a LOT of things).

Dried Rice & Pasta 

Perfect, syn free, accompaniment to meals

A wonderful flavour and used in so many dishes.  

Fry Light

Great to use for frying and cooking in general. 


Used in lot's of dishes and perfect for breakfasts. Can be used in so many ways and are also syn free. 

Food Diary

You can now buy a Sugar Pink Food personalised weight loss planner and food diary! You can track your syns and always know where you're at, plan meals and keep a track of your weight loss and goals!! Get yours here

Foil containers

I got a pack of 12 from Poundland for, you guessed it, £1! They are perfect for storing pre prepped food and taking leftovers to work!

Tupperware Boxes

Again these are great for taking food in for lunches. There's no end to the food you can create, and the nicer the food is the more likely you are to eat it!

Food Scales

There isn't much weighing involved in Slimming World, but the few things that need weighing are very important to get right!

Also Check out my posts on preparing meals in advance, it's a life saver for busy lives!

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