Reiew:- The Living Food Kitchen

The Living Food Kitchen, established in 2009, believes that loving what we eat is essential to feeling good. Their ethos is based on wholesome, natural, living food, provided by nature. The Living Food Kitchen looks to incorporate the goodness provided by nature in to great tasting snacks. All their food is therefore plant based, 100% natural and, where possible, organic. The range is free from animal products, lactose, gluten and soya – so even those with intolerances can enjoy in confidence.

Mouth watering dairy-free flapjacks made with gluten-free oats, virgin coconut oil and sugar. The perfect wholesome snack made with the finest natural ingredients. The Buckwheat is slowly dehydrated to preserve the plant’s enzymes and nutrients. I was a little sceptical and thought that they would never be able to match a regular flapjack but I was presently surprised and the great taste and texture.

Delicious raw pesto and hummus varieties. Made with fresh, healthy ingredients, these are the perfect way to add a tasty, nutritional hit to any snack or meal. The Living Food Kitchen is the only UK company to produce raw hummus using sprouted chickpeas.  I love hummus and was pleased at the great flavour and texture of these, it definitely tastes a lot better and you feel better eating it knowing the health benefits. 

The perfect healthy alternative for those with a sweet tooth! Righteous treats made from very good things! These treats will fulfill your sweet needs through only natural sweeteners. The Living Food Kitchen was the first UK company to produce fresh, dairy free, ‘raw’ desserts and I was most sceptical of these but they taste great and I would actually not be able to tell that they were free from animal products, lactose, gluten and soya. 

These delicious dairy-free shakes are jam-packed with the goodness of almonds, as well as a variety of super-foods. Great as a breakfast treat or a pick me up between meals.  They are all super tasty and taste just like a regular fruit smoothie. 

I was unable to get any syn values for these products, although I know the health benefits are great.  I would definitely try all these products again and they have officially changed any pre conceived ideas I had of "free from" foods. 

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