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Sometimes I think your body craves something a little bit naughty, especially when you're on a diet!  Even before I started Slimming World I rarely ate McDonalds, but sometimes a treaty breakfast is in order.

I decided to have a look and see how many syns are in my usual double sausage and egg McMuffin...28.5 each!! That's nearly 2 days worth of syns!

I decided to come up with my own version that tastes much better and is also better for you!

Makes 2 double sausage & egg muffins

Extra Easy Syn Value: 8 syns per muffin

Healthy Extras:  A

Scroll down for full recipe and instructions

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Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin Recipe

You will need-

6 Iceland SW Syn Free Sausages (or other low syn sausage of your choice)
2 English Muffins
80g Extra Light Cheese, sliced, 40g per person
2 eggs
Low calorie spray


Remove the sausage meat from the skins. I used 1 and a half sausages for each patti and shaped the sausage meat together with my hands.

Bake the pattis in the oven for around 20 minutes until cooked through. You can also fry them in a frying pan sprayed with frylight.

To cook the eggs, use a circular metal cookie cutter and place it into the centre of a frying pan sprayed with low calorie spray. Crack the egg in the ring and fry through to your liking. Best is to have the yolk cooked through.

Toast your muffin for about 2 mins and then assemble everything together! (Don't forget to add syns if you add any sauces!)


Syn calculations are all carried out as a paying Slimming World member, I am not a consultant!  It is always recommended to check syn values yourself.

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