Review: Dees Cake Pops

Dees Cakepops was developed in memory of their grandmother who gave the inspiration to make cake pops, which are perfect for any occasion.

I have seen lots of cake pops around, but never actually tried one myself so when Dees cake pops sent me some to try I was really excited! They also sent me some cakebites, which are little mini cakes. They are all handmade and come in a wide range of colours and different decorations.

I was of course excited to see that one of the cake pops was pink and decorated with cute little hearts. The other was orange and white.

On the inside mine was a delicious vanilla sponge and Nick's was a white chocolate orange crunchy shell on the outside and  chocolate cake in the middle. They were both cooked perfectly in the middle with a fluffy and delicious sponge. They were both amazing, so tasty and I was genuinely disappointed when I finished it!

The little mini cakes were a chocolate coated chocolate sponge with a jelly in, and were also great but I much preferred the cake pop.  They would make the perfect party bag gift, cake decoration, or any other event or excuse that you can think of! I loved them, a definite thumbs up from me.

Find more designs and colours on the website.

L x