Review: Peppadew Peppers

Found in South Africa, sweet piquanté peppers have been processed, bottled and marketed by a company called Peppadew International. Their secret recipe delivers the perfectly balanced sweet and spicy taste and trademark crispy texture which together have created a culinary adventure around the world.

An unwavering commitment to quality sees the Peppadew International team working with horticultural, farming, transport, processing and packaging specialists to ensure that every time you open a Peppadew product you get the unmistakable Peppadew taste and texture.  They ensure that No preservatives are added to any of the their products, which guarantees that the fruit does not lose its density, thus keeping that trademark crisp texture. The way that they process the chillies means that they have a 24 month shelf life.  I have been sent some of their Mild Peppadew™ Piquanté Peppers, Hot Peppadew™ Piquanté Peppers, Peppadew™ Piquanté Peppers stuffed with cheese and Peppadew™ Piquanté Peppers stuffed with tuna.

The Stuffed peppers were a great addition to a Mexican meal that I cooked, and were out on the table as an appetiser. They weren't on the table for very long before everyone had scoffed them!  The cheese stuffed peppers are lovely and sweet and tangy, which just goes so well with the soft cream cheese, meaning the perfect flavour combination was consumed within minutes!  The tuna stuffed peppers were also really good and tasted a lot better than I expected.  I am not really a fan of fish but I do eat tuna and these peppers were nice, but didn't compare to how delicious the cheese stuffed peppers were!

I wanted to try out some of their recipes, and chose their chilli cheese toasty. A delicious mix of cheese and chilli with ham, it tasted so good!  You could use the hot or mild chillies to create this amazing dish!

I also tried out their bacon and pepper omelette, and I used their hot peppers to give it a kick!  Sprinkled with cheese on top makes this a perfect lazy weekend breakfast, and tastes so good!  They are just so versatile and tasty!

These really are great to use in recipes, and the stuffed varieties are so delicious on their own.   They taste so fresh and crunchy out of the jar, and their long shelf life means that you can always keep some spare in the cupboard.   They are currently available in Morrisons for £2 a jar until 27/04

L x