Review: Gourmet Garden Herbs

I have tried keeping fresh basil, coriander and other herb plants, but I am really rubbish at looking after them and they always die. Gourmet Garden have created fresh herbs and spices easy for weekday cooking. We all know that fresh herbs make a big difference to the flavour and quality of a meal, but it isn't always possible to have them to hand.  Their herbs are organically grown and are simply washed, chopped, blended and packed into tubes to maintain all their fresh taste and nutrition for months, so there's no wastage.

I have been sent a selection to have a play around with, and I am very impressed with how good they are. I have some basil, garlic, ginger, coriander, lemon grass, and hot chilli.

When I was looking on their website to learn about them, I discovered their amazing recipe finder. You can search recipes by selecting a herb, cuisine type, dietary requirement or meal type. You can even select something to exclude for the search, so for example if you didn't like fish it would exclude all fish related recipes. I think this is a fantastic tool, especially if you are trying to get some mid-week meal time inspiration, and I will be using this tool in the future. I used this to find some great recipes using the items they had sent me.

Butternut squash soup, with garlic, chilli and coriander. This recipe is simple, quick and delicious!  The herbs taste so fresh and the chilli has a real kick to it, I really enjoyed making and enjoyed eating it even more!

I also used the basil and garlic to create their Basil Pesto recipe. I love pesto, but have never actually created it myself. This was really quick and simple, and by the time the pasta was cooked, the pesto was ready! It is a great use of the basil, and was much tastier than anything you can buy ready made in the shops! I was very impressed.

Chicken & Potato Curry with Lemon Grass, Chilli & Ginger.  I actually put all of this in my slow cooker and cooked for about 7 hours! This made the chicken really tender and the flavours go throughout all the meat. The flavours of the ginger, garlic and herbs are great making a delicious curry.

I think these herbs are amazing, and I will absolutely swear by them from now on.  They are definitely going to be on my shopping list, and I will be getting every variety that I can.  They are just so convenient, yet so fresh and last really well in the fridge as well as being able to help create fantastic meals with the help of Gourmet Gardens recipes.  Have a look at the website and get inspired today!

L x