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Slimming World Friendly Recipe: 2 Syn Yorkshire Puddings!

I love a good Sunday roast, and one of my favourite things about it are the Yorkshire pudding(s)! This is a lower syn version, and I've found they actually come out really well! My good friend and colleague, Steph from Stephanie Bodkin Photography, came over for a Sunday roast this week.

I made my SW friendly Yorkshire puddings with beef and all the trimmings, and she took some great pictures for me! I decided to rewrite the recipe as a stand alone recipe so I could show off her good work! Check out her blog and give her page a like on Facebook!

Extra Easy Syn Value: 2 Per Pudding

Healthy Extras: None

You will need- 

4 egg
4 tbsp flour
12 tbsp milk

Makes 12


Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix into a batter, leave for at least 10 minutes before cooking
Add 1 a generous spray of fry light into a muffin tin and put the tin in the oven for a few mins.

Remove from the oven and add mixture into 2 muffin holes and cook for 25-30 mins, until risen and fluffy

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