Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Chocolate from Lindt

Lindt Chocolates are one of my favourites. They are well known for their chocolate Easter bunnies and they sent me a selection of their other Easter products, and I was amazed at just how much there is on offer.

The Lindor Milk Chocolate Shell Egg 285g is the perfect Easter gift for those Lindor lovers out there! This irresistibly smooth milk chocolate Easter egg is accompanied by 10 Lindor milk chocolate truffles, giving you more opportunities to experience the irresistibly smooth melting sensation of Lindor.  Inspired by a secret recipe the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have created a chocolate masterpiece that will be loved by all. £8.19.  Delicious, smooth chocolate.  This is my absolute favourite!

The Lindt Mini milk chocolate eggs bag is an ideal Easter chocolate gift for the kids to enjoy. Each bag contains a colourful range of individually foil wrapped Lindt mini eggs which all have a delicious milk case and smooth double milk filling. Perfect top up gift to accompany a Lindt Easter Egg, or even to use as part of an Easter egg hunt! £1.50

The Lindt Giant Carrot 140g is the ideal fun Easter gift for kids this Easter! The delightfully fun giant carrot contains a selection of Lindt milk chocolate figures and eggs including the classic Gold Bunny,  Lindt Carrot Double Milk sticks, Lindt Hollow Eggs and the delightfully smooth Lindor 18g Egg. An impressive Easter gift that will be loved by anyone that receives it.  It was packed with way more that I thought, and has a little bit of everything that you could possibly want for Easter! £4.99

The Lindt Bunny Paw is a delightfully fun Easter treat made from Lindts finest milk chocolate. Shaped like a cute bunny paw. Individually wrapped treat is perfect for on the go or little sweet delight to give to the children in your life, and only 69p each

Lindt Fun Chicks are a delicious milk chocolate indulgence using the high quality chocolate to make little chicks, perfect for an Easter egg hunt! £2.59

Lindor Milk Eggs have the delicious taste of the Lindt chocolate truffles, but egg shaped! When you break Lindor's delicate chocolate shell, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently caressing all your senses and taking you to a place where chocolate dreams come true! £2.75

All these Easter treats are just what your chocolate dreams are made of, smooth and delicious and by a name that you can trust!  Lindt chocolates are available at all leading supermarkets and stores.

L x


GLORIOUS! are winners of multiple awards for quality and innovation.

They aim to do things differently and are passionate about bold, unexpected flavours and unearthing authentic recipes and ingredients from around the world.

They create a range of original tasty dishes, and fresh, witty packaging buzzing with character and flavour.All their products are within FSA 2012 salt guidelines and have no added flavour enhancers or artificial colours, although they correctly say that this should be a given and not used as a selling point!

They have a range if soups, skinny soups, meal soups, sauces and dips and offer flavours from all over the world from Malaysia, Brasil, India and more.  For a full list, have a look at this page.

You can buy their products from most large super markets, and I headed down to Sainsbury's to get us some.  We chose Malaysian chicken and Toulouse sausage & bean meal soups.

Toulouse Sausage & Bean- A teasing medley of vegetables, herbs and sautéed sausage meat.  This was absolutely packed with veg and beans, which is what gives it the title of a meal soup.  It is lovely and filling and perfect to fill me up until dinner! The cannelloni beans have the full flavour of the herbs, and you also have the sausage meat throughout.  I loved it, and will be getting more for my lunches at work.

Malaysian Chicken- The Malaysian chicken is just as packed full of veg, but with the addition of succulent and tender bits of chicken.  This has a really nice coconut flavour in the background and is also really satisfying and filling.  This definitely doesn't have the flavour of your normal plain chicken soup, but has a really light flavour with some delicate spices and herbs throughout.   Both these soups have more of a home-made feel about them than any other shop purchased soup, and they feel really warming and comforting.  I enjoyed them both, and can't wait to try some more of their range.

You can discover all their different flavours here

L x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Moroccan Roast Lamb

This recipe has been provided by The English Provender Co. Makers of naturally scrumptious chutneys, curds, condiments & salad dressings since 1979. It uses their Moroccan Spiced Chutney to create a delicious stuffing for a delectable twist on a traditional Easter roast lamb.  I will definitely be serving this on Easter Sunday!

You will need:-

1 x boned and rolled leg lamb, weighing approximately 1.5 kg
125ml red wine
250ml lamb stock
2 tablespoons The English provender Co. Moroccan Spiced Chutney

For the stuffing:
75g couscous
Grated rind and juice 1 lemon
3 tablespoons freshly chopped flat -leaf parsley
4 tablespoons The English Provender Co. Moroccan Spiced Chutney
125g ready-to-eat dried apricots, chopped
25g toasted pine nuts
Salt and freshly ground pepper

Review: Peppadew Peppers

Found in South Africa, sweet piquanté peppers have been processed, bottled and marketed by a company called Peppadew International. Their secret recipe delivers the perfectly balanced sweet and spicy taste and trademark crispy texture which together have created a culinary adventure around the world.

An unwavering commitment to quality sees the Peppadew International team working with horticultural, farming, transport, processing and packaging specialists to ensure that every time you open a Peppadew product you get the unmistakable Peppadew taste and texture.  They ensure that No preservatives are added to any of the their products, which guarantees that the fruit does not lose its density, thus keeping that trademark crisp texture. The way that they process the chillies means that they have a 24 month shelf life.  I have been sent some of their Mild Peppadew™ Piquanté Peppers, Hot Peppadew™ Piquanté Peppers, Peppadew™ Piquanté Peppers stuffed with cheese and Peppadew™ Piquanté Peppers stuffed with tuna.

The Stuffed peppers were a great addition to a Mexican meal that I cooked, and were out on the table as an appetiser. They weren't on the table for very long before everyone had scoffed them!  The cheese stuffed peppers are lovely and sweet and tangy, which just goes so well with the soft cream cheese, meaning the perfect flavour combination was consumed within minutes!  The tuna stuffed peppers were also really good and tasted a lot better than I expected.  I am not really a fan of fish but I do eat tuna and these peppers were nice, but didn't compare to how delicious the cheese stuffed peppers were!

I wanted to try out some of their recipes, and chose their chilli cheese toasty. A delicious mix of cheese and chilli with ham, it tasted so good!  You could use the hot or mild chillies to create this amazing dish!

I also tried out their bacon and pepper omelette, and I used their hot peppers to give it a kick!  Sprinkled with cheese on top makes this a perfect lazy weekend breakfast, and tastes so good!  They are just so versatile and tasty!

These really are great to use in recipes, and the stuffed varieties are so delicious on their own.   They taste so fresh and crunchy out of the jar, and their long shelf life means that you can always keep some spare in the cupboard.   They are currently available in Morrisons for £2 a jar until 27/04

L x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Recipe: Auchentoshan Three Wood Spanish Hot Chocolate

If you are planning on indulging this Easter weekend (I know I am!) then why not try out an alternative to your annual chocolate bunny and enjoy an Auchentoshan Three Wood Spanish Hot Chocolate cocktail, guaranteed to delight adult chocoholics everywhere!

The Auchentoshan Three Wood Spanish Hot Chocolate blends together the single malt whisky with milk and Hot Chocolate powder to create the perfect Easter Sunday tipple which is sure to please. The subtle notes of hazelnut and raisin present in Auchentoshan Three Wood brought together with the rich dark chocolate in liquid form truly is a match made in heaven.

You will need:
4 fl oz. Milk   
1 fl oz Auchentoshan Threewood
3-4 Heaped Teaspoons of a high quality Spanish Hot Chocolate powder
2 tablespoons of Scottish double cream


Add the chocolate powder into a glass teacup.

Heat your milk to boiling point on the stove.

Fold the hot milk into the powder

Add in your measure of Three Wood and stir briskly anti-clockwise until thick

To serve add freshly whipped cream

L x

Review: DegustaBox

I had a Degustabox in February, and really liked it. I love surprises and food, so this made a great combination. They very kindly offered to send me a March box to try, and I have to say that there were some really noticeable improvements.

In February I was told that my box would be delivered between 25th-30th of the month through Royal Mail. This time though I got an email and a text message confirming a date and hour timeslot that it would be delivered though their new courier, DPD. The email and text also gave options to choose another day, leave with a neighbour or a safe place. This is a really good idea and service and means that receiving the box is that much easier.

The box itself, in my opinion, had a lot better selection of items in it as well as more information on each thing that I have been sent.

Founded by Jodie and Howie, Shaken Udder is the result of a dream to give wonderful British milk the credit it really deserves. Their flavour-packed shakes use only the best quality fresh British milk and the very finest natural ingredients. They really are full of flavour and are the perfect size for lunch boxes and have no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.

Organico is an exciting range of organic Mediterranean food - available from independent shops - deli's, health food shops, farm shops, through online home delivery companies and online supermarkets.  Serious about provenance, quality and working with small family and co-operative producers. They use entirely natural, selected ingredients and processes. They are also committed to ethical and sustainable working practices. Inside the box they included some wholegrain pasta as well as a tomato and basil sauce to make a great, and slightly healthier meal. The durum wheat is stored and milled with great care to produce the highest quality pasta. The dough is mixed without heating and shaped using bronze plates to create a rough, porous surface that absorbs sauce well. It is then dried at low temperatures over a long period, imitating the sun-drying of the past. This ensures the gluten is not damaged and the nutritional quality of the past is maintained. The sauce is true to the Italian ideal of simple, pure and natural flavours.

MOMA Porridge is the perfect mouthful, not too sloppy or too chewy, just as porridge should be! With just the right blend of wholegrain jumbo oats it is packed full of healthy goodness giving you slow releasing energy, right up until lunch. It is really easy to make, just by adding water making it a great breakfast for when you get to the office in the morning.

Drink Me Chai produces a range of delicious award winning Chai Latte’s inspired by the original Chai from India which has been enjoyed for over 5000 years! They blend real ground spices with black tea, sugar and and milk so you can enjoy India in an instant by just adding water or milk for an extra creamy taste.

Tyrrells are known for their great crisps, and they wanted to encourage people to try out they tasty, proper popcorn.  A healthier alternative to crisps, there is no reason why these cant be enjoyed with a sandwich on your lunch break!  A mixture of salt and sweet popcorn sealed in a fresh bag, they are really tasty.  They also offer Sea Salted, Sour Cream & Jalapeño Chilli, Mature Cheddar Cheese, and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Flavour Shots are a blend of spices, herbs and seasonings infused in sunflower oil for amazing tasting meals in a shot. There are five delicious varieties available; Chinese Sweet and Sour, Indian Mild Masala Curry, Mexican Fajitas, Spanish Smoked Paprika Chicken, Thai Red Curry, Indian Spicy Jalfrezi Curry, and the box contained some Italian Creamy Herb Tagliatelle and Spanish Paella pots.

With the help of Abuela Patrícia Del Marcos Hernández (Nana Pat) Dave created the finest tortillas in all of Mexico. Some say the crunch could be heard for a hundred miles. He sold them by the bucket-load and soon his name was known throughout the land. They are crispy, tasty and there was a handy recipe in the box to make the perfect nachos!

L x

Monday, 14 April 2014

Review: Hope & Greenwood

Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood are purveyors of splendid British confectionery and they have been busy whisking and mixing in the kitchen this year and have produced some gorgeous and delectable delights for Easter treats!

"The chickens are springing into action and laying Itsy Bitsy Eggs on their soft straw beds in the hen house. They fight for the attentions of Farmer Greenwood with the size of their eggs but can’t begin to compete with the golden goose. Just one Golden Goose Egg keeps Miss Hope in stocking clips until Halloween."  They are presented in the trademark Hope & Greenwood style, in their cute bags which I love. These are £4.99. The crunchy outside is a contrast to the lovely smooth chocolate centre, they are really tasty!

If gold isn't your thing though, you could always choose some itsy bitsy eggs instead, £4.99.  Perfectly sized to fit more than one in your mouth these are like mini eggs, but better. Be careful though, as they are very moreish and eating one alone is simply impossible.

For a more traditional egg, Farmer Greenwood's Farmyard Keepsake Egg with the finest praline animals including a sheep, hen, duck, pig and of course a bunny.  £6.99

Hope and Greenwood have Easter all wrapped up!

L x