Which multivitamin is best for kids?

Many kids are picky eaters. They would always go for taste over health anytime, any day. As a result, there is a widening gap between the nutrients they consume and those their bodies require.

Multivitamins can, however, help fill these nutritional gaps and ease the minds of worried parents. But, with the rise in the production of supplements and multivitamins, choosing the best one for your kid may be challenging.

Like the best vitamins for kids, the best multivitamins are made from natural ingredients. This article will discuss why our kids need multivitamins and how we can choose the perfect one. Read on!

Why kids need multivitamins

Kids require multivitamins for a good number of reasons. Some of the most pressing ones include;

Kids have a lesser amount of some specific nutrients

In the early years of life, some specific nutrients are found in lower amounts than the body requires. Nutrients like iron, vitamin K, and vitamin D. 

Hence, multivitamins rich in such nutrients are used to remain healthy.

Nutrients like vitamin D is obtained chiefly from sunlight. Children should not spend too much time outside in the sun. Hence, they need to take supplements to balance the requirements of this nutrient in their body.

Enhancing their body nutrients

According to the National Health Service, the government recommends all kids between 6 months to five years of age be given vitamin supplements containing vitamins A, C, and D every day.

This is to enhance their body nutrients and maintain proper growth and development.

Effects of poor multivitamins on your kid

Some poorly synthesised multivitamins could have damaging effects on your kids, particularly when taken in high doses. Such adverse effects include;

  • Stomach ache

  • Skin rashes

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea

  • Unpleasant allergic reactions

  • Scratches

  • Diarrhoea

And a host of others.

While these might be mild and often temporal, you do not want to place your kid in any form of discomfort.

Best multivitamins for kids

When selecting a multivitamin for your child, pick one that ticks all or most of these boxes;

Key nutrient covered

An ideal multivitamin must contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for the healthy development of your kid.

Free of harmful ingredients

Multivitamins rich in allergens, toxic, and unhealthy substances defy the whole aim of taking one.

The best multivitamins come without colouring agents, preservatives, artificial flavours, or fillers!

Trustworthy and budget-friendly brands

Choose multivitamins from reliable companies. Companies like Chewwies, which use perfect ingredients and follow strict processing guides, are the best way to ensure the multivitamins your kids consume are healthy and harmless.

Taste and form

Multivitamins are only sound when consumed by kids. Thus, for a multivitamin to be called the best, it has to be appealing, tasty, and in forms that are loved and easily consumed.

This doesn't mean it should be stuffed with sugar, as excess sugar is bad for your kids' health.

Third-party tested

There are a handful of organizations tasked with third-party testing. They make sure the label of the multivitamin matches its content.


It is unsafe to administer multivitamins that have not been adequately tasted. Another way of knowing high-quality multivitamins is from reviews and what other users say about them.

Lastly, It should be halal if you’re a Muslim!


The best kids' multivitamins keep your child healthy, always energized, and in perfect moods. They have also been proven to keep their skin, hair, and nails beautiful and shiny. 

Adding multivitamins to your kids' diet with the help of a paediatrician can’t go wrong. Hence, while they could never fill the void of a healthy meal, they are a great way to keep your child healthy!