Different Christmas Eve Appetizers

Christmas Eve is a day to kick-start Christmas festivities, and there is no better way to do this than with Christmas Eve appetizers. Appetizers come in handy, especially if you're hosting a large group that needs something to snack on all night. 

In this review, we will highlight some of the best Christmas Eve appetizers from around the world. You should find an appetizer you can work with, from cheesy and creamy appetizers to savoury and salty ones. Let's go!


A canapĂ© is a tiny appetizer comprising a small piece of bread stuffed with something tasty, such as cream cheese or truffled duck spreadable, and often eaten in a single bite. 

You can use this appetizer to give your guests a glimpse of what the main course will be, but they also come in handy when hosting a themed event.

Cheddar cheese wafers

These wafers are like shortbread because they do not have egg in them. All you need to do is the dough, refrigerate it overnight and slice it into thin wafers before baking.  

Cheese-stuffed cherry tomatoes

These cheese-stuffed cherry tomatoes will make your guests think of Christmas tree decorations because of their multiple colours. You should make many of them since they are one-bite holiday snacks

Cranberry sauce meatballs

Cranberry sauce can be used for many things, including Christmas Eve appetizers. Combined with several other ingredients, cranberry sauce can be the perfect meatball topper.

For best results when making cranberry sauce meatballs, use precooked meatballs, dip them in the cranberry sauce and serve. You can be certain that your guests will be pleased. 

Crispy oven-fried oysters

Oysters get people into a celebratory mood, meaning they make a good Christmas Eve appetizer. For best results, buy your oysters pre-shucked (no shells) and prepare a dipping sauce to make them more flavourful. 

Pigs in a blanket

This incredibly easy Christmas Eve appetizer comprises two main ingredients; sausage bits wrapped in buttery and warm dough, making them irresistible.

However, you do not have to stick to only two ingredients; you can upgrade your pigs in a blanket with tasty toppings like bagel seasoning or sesame seeds. 

Roasted Parmesan garlic shrimp

Roasted Parmesan garlic shrimp is a go-to Christmas Eve appetizer because it's delicious. It is also very easy to make; you can set this up in under ten minutes.

To boost the flavour of this appetizer, you can toss your shrimp in olive oil, add some spices, roast it in your oven for about five minutes, and serve with cocktail sauce. 

Stuffed mushrooms

You can stuff just about anything into a mushroom, but for best results use melty cheese, a filler like bacon or pork sausage and some spices. The brown creminis or just regular mushrooms are perfect when making this Christmas Eve appetizer

In addition, you should only use mushrooms with dry caps and gills. Avoid using slimy mushrooms or those with sunken spots. 

Final thought

There you have some of the best Christmas Eve appetizers. These eight appetizers are incredibly easy to prep and will have your guests or family members asking for more.