Homemade Butter Recipe


So you may or may not have seen the tiktok trend where people are making their own butter. 

Homemade Butter Recipe And tips


In the UK especially the price of butter is extortionate at the moment. The cost of living is ever increasing, so little tips like this can help a lot. 

I had never realised that making butter was so simple just by using a tub of cream!

I made a video recipe on my Facebook page showing how I made the butter and it went semi viral!

There were lots of positive comments but there was also some negative comments. Ranging from people saying that I said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing or didn't make butter at all!

I may have said that I used a hand whisk, but people corrected me saying that it is an electric whisk, but I didn't use my foot, so I still say I'm half right! 

I have added tips for making butter below as well as the video recipe I posted! Lots of people added information about the rinse. 

See the original video here and the tips for making butter below it! 

Tips for making butter at home

The Cream

Use a tub of double cream I used 600ml but 300ml will also work. Depending on where you buy it from it could be up to £2.

Also it is best to use room temp cream as it is quicker to mix. 

Keep the buttermilk 

Once it splits the butter milk is good for baking, cooking, using in sauces etc. So make sure you keep it! I used mine to make buttermilk chicken. 


It is very important to rinse out the buttermilk from the butter so that it stays fresher for longer. You can do this by rinsing the butter under cold water until the water goes clear. 

You can also dip it in iced water. 

Freeze what you don't need 

Keep the rest in the freezer just put it out and defrost it when you need it and you'll have butter for much longer. 

Add salt. 

It helps to preserve the butter!