4 Ways for Foster Carers to Have a Great Adventure

During the time you spend with any looked after child that comes into your care, there will be plenty of time for adventures. This is one of the many wonderful things about fostering because you will be enriching their lives, bonding, and creating precious memories that will shape who they are and where they are going. Yet, days out may feel a little daunting, especially in the early days of caring. Here are four ways that everyone can relax and enjoy the experience without leaning too heavily on the potential stresses. 

Planning is Non-Negotiable

While there is always room for spontaneity in life, it is always far better to plan ahead when you are heading out with a looked after child. A foster carer must learn the intricate ways of detail planning because this is the route to a fun, positive experience. This means booking tickets in advance, including attractions and travel, but it also covers filling up the petrol tank the night before you go, preparing food that you know they’ll like, and having a contingency schedule in place if something goes wrong. 

Prep Work: Communication is Key

Don’t forget, the child or children can also be a part of the planning journey. If anything, this is the better option because it means they will feel empowered, reassured, and confident that they have some prior knowledge of what’s to come. Often, the more difficult stuff comes to pass when a child feels anxious or lacking control, so mitigating this with some solid communication and allowing involvement is a smart move for any carer. 

Location is Key

Just like you would with any birth child, thinking about how suitable a location is, is essential. There is no point at all pushing a day out that will neither suit your looked after child nor make them feel comfortable. The best memories are made when people are engaged with the experience, after all. Therefore, you can lean into this by ensuring that, wherever you go, are going to capture their attention and tap into what they love. For instance, why take a child who is afraid of the water to a swimming pool when they would have an amazing day wandering through some woodlands? It’s all about making the right choices. 

Think About the Costs

Days out can be expensive, and that has never been more true than in the current way of living. Being stressed about how much things might cost and what to spend where is never fun and will always put a sour note on an adventure. To make this bit easier, take a strategic approach to plan out your foster carers pay allowance and ensure that it is being used in the best possible places. It can cover the price of fuel, a picnic, attraction entrance, and more, and these days out are exactly the right place to spend some of it. 

Getting out into the world and exploring is one of the many roles a foster carer takes on when they start a placement. There is so much to discover, and these memories are important ones that will enable a child to move forward and keep on growing.