Triple Chocolate Overnight Weetabix Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Ideas


Overnight weetabix

A super easy overnight breakfast idea using Weetabix. Great for low calorie, tasty breakfasts that are perfect for a slimming friendly diet.

Have you seen the trend of doing the rounds, using Weetabix in an overnight oats style dish?

After you all loved my tasty banoffee pie flavour, using banana and Biscoff spread, so I thought I'd give you another delicious flavour!

Overnight weetabix recipe

This recipe is so easy to prepare, and you can make it ahead the night before, so you can just grab it and go in the morning.

If you prepare it in a resealable container like this one, you could also take it to work for a great on the go breakfast.

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I posted a video recipe for this on my socials, and you all went absolutely crazy for it!

Banoffee Pie Overnight Weetabix Recipe