Best Indian Dishes To Try In 2022

India is an amazing place. One of the most incredible things about India is the country's cuisine. If you love to eat well, here are lots of new Indian dishes you must try right now.

Litti Chokha

If you are someone who loves chickpeas, this is the dish for you. Litti Chokha combines chickpeas with barley flour. It's also made with plenty of eggplants and lots of potatoes. This is a dish you can make on your own or let a master of Indian cuisine create it for you.

Ghugni Chaat

As those at Chefonline remind their clients, "Can you even imagine a week without Indian cuisine?" Ghugni Chaat works on so many levels. It's a good option for the main course or for snacks. It all starts with yellow dal. This is cooked carefully and then simmered with lemon and lots of varied types of spices. Chutney goes on top of it to give it a lot of pizzazz. Then it's topped with onions and lots of carrots for color and a much-needed sense of crunch.


Biryani is an ideal dish to have from Indian takeaways near you. Dating back centuries, this dish merges lots of types of flavors in a single dish. Rice is the foundation. Then, you can add lots of variations in order to have it made for your specific tastes. Basmati rice is the preferred type but you can opt for lots of options and find the one you personally like best. For many people, this means plenty of well-cooked beef or chicken as well as the kind of spices they like most.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is an option when you like to keep in some spice, but you want other things in your main course at the same time. Chicken is carefully simmered until it's tender and inviting on the fork. Then tomato, onions, cream and plenty of butter are brought to the dish and allowed to come to life. It's a mild dish that doesn't involve a lot of spices. That makes it a good choice when you want something filling that won't overwhelm your taste buds. Serve over hot rice and add it to your list of favorite things to eat.


Common in Northern India, korma is one dish designed for the hearty eater. It all starts with a protein such as fish or chicken. Long cooking breaks down the meat and makes it a great thing to eat at the end of the day. It's topped with a curry sauce that ties it together. Many Indians like to add a subtle flavor to it with plenty of coconut milk and some additional cream. Almonds go into the dish to bring in a bit of crunch and add lots of color at the same time.

Now is the time to make great Indian food on your own. Choose these delicious dishes for many easy and fun meal options.