4 Ways to Turn Drab Into Darling


You know as much as anyone else how stressful it is to keep up with fashion trends and make sure you’re the belle of any ball. If it feels like you’re always a step behind the latest styles, it can seem like it isn’t worth it, and you’re happy to dress in whatever is clean and closest to you. But, you don’t need to abandon your love of fashion forever, and the right approach can make even the dullest outfits look incredible. 

Build Your Wardrobe Around Core Pieces 

It often feels like you have nothing to wear, but deep down, you know this isn’t the case. Still, you may look at your wardrobe and feel like nothing works; nothing goes together; nothing looks good. This is often because you have too many contrasting items, and building a capsule wardrobe of core pieces can change all this. Rather than buy a new outfit for every event, gather a dependable range of items that can go with anything. This can include solid-colour t-shirts, blouses, jeans and skirts. With these foundations, you can mix and match more extravagant items without feeling like you’re trying too hard. 

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Many people buy expensive jewellery or accessories but are afraid to wear them because they don’t want to damage them. But what’s the point in them sitting on your nightstand or, even worse, hidden inside a box? Accessories can significantly improve even the most boring look, so you can rely on the most iconic Tiffany jewellery to wear to make your casual shirt and jeans look much more engaging. Furthermore, watches, broaches, sunglasses, or hairbands can all add something interesting and make any outfit suitable for any occasion. 

Distract With Patterns 

So, you might not have the most expensive wardrobe, or you have noticed that all your outfits are varying shades of the same colour. This can make it feel like you’re wearing the same thing every day. For work, this isn't too much of an issue, but you don’t want your friends and family to think you only own one outfit. You can overcome this by investing in a few bold items with in-your-face patterns that can distract from the rest of your outfit. 

Focus On Other Things 

Similarly, even the most drab clothes can take a backseat if you focus on other areas. From the perfect hair routine to glamorous makeup, putting more emphasis on the rest of your appearance will make a significant difference to your overall style. When your hair looks stunning, and you have contoured like a professional, no one will care what you wear, as they’ll be so lost in your eyes that they may not even notice the spaghetti stain that somehow ended up on the side of your plain white tee. 


You don’t need the latest styles of the most expensive labels to look good. All you need is to know how to transform the most basic outfits with other items that make boring clothes stand out from the crowd. With these tips, you’ll never feel like you don't look the part, and you might inspire others to do the same.