Baked Boursin Pasta Traybake Recipe | Slimming Friendly

 Baked Boursin Pasta Traybake Recipe | Slimming Friendly

Inspired by the TikTok feta pasta trend, I thought I would try a slightly different version using one of my favourite cheese, Boursin. 

I shared a video of me making it on my Facebook page, and it absolutely blew up, with over 376000 at the time of writing this!

A few people asked me to write up a proper recipe, and while it is super easy and doesn't really need a specific recipe, I thought I would give the people what they want!

The beauty of this recipe is that you can really play around with the flavours you add, adding more veggies, removing veggies or more. 

In terms of quantities, it really depends on the size of your tray. If you play the video below you will see it is as easy as throwing everything in together!

Add pasta water

The most important thing I have to stress with this recipe, and any other cheese and pasta-based traybake, is the pasta water. 

This stuff is like liquid gold and can thicken up any pasta sauce, and help create the smooth creamy sauce in this dish. 

When you've cooked your pasta, drain some of the water off and save it. 

Baked Boursin Pasta Traybake Recipe | Slimming Friendly

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Baked Boursin Pasta Traybake Recipe 

Check out the original video from my Facebook here:

Syn Value: 8 Syns Per portion