Tomato & Feta Pasta Trend Recipe | Slimming World Friendly

Tomato & Feta Pasta Trend Recipe | Slimming World Friendly

The TikTok & Instagram Feta Pasta Trend, made slimming friendly! 

If you have access to any social media, you will probably have seen the Feta Pasta Trend doing the rounds!

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It is essentially a pasta dish created from baking cherry tomatoes, a whole block of feta, and adding some pasta. 

I have seen varying degrees of success with this online, but think I have perfected the way to get a deliciously creamy sauce, instead of lumpy feta. 

To make this dish more 'slimming friendly', I reduced the amount of olive oil used. You could cut this out entirely though if you wish, and use low calorie cooking spray instead. 

See how I made it in this video below, full recipe and instructions at the bottom of this page

Tips for perfecting the Feta Pasta Trend 

Good quality feta

To make this dish as tasty as possible you will need a good quality proper feta cheese, not 'Greek salad cheese' or similar. 

Pasta water

The key to this dish is to use the left over pasta water to add it into the dish at the end. This helps to bring everything together and to create a creamy sauce instead of lumps of feta. I added a fair amount at the end, little by little, with lots of stirring.  

Don't over season with salt

Feta is in itself very salty, so don't add too much salt when seasoning. 

Tomato & Feta Pasta Trend Recipe | Slimming World Friendly

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Tomato & Feta Pasta Trend Recipe | Slimming World Friendly

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Extra Easy Syn Value: 7.5 per potion with no Healthy Extras 

Healthy Extras: 45g of feta counts towards your HEa, so to reduce the syns, quarter this dish and allow 1/4 as a HEa. This would then make it 1 syn per portion.