7 Ways to Spruce Your Interior This Winter

*This is a contributed post*

Autumn has arrived for most of us, which means winter is right around the corner. And the change in season is always the perfect opportunity to update and freshen your home.

There hasn't been a better year to make sure your home is as cozy as possible for both yourself and potential guests.

Spruce up your home this winter with these seven tips.

1. Go for Winter Whites

Whites don't always give off the coziest vibe, but done well can provide your home a beautiful and comfortable feel. Create a winter wonderland in your house.

Hang up the white curtains, curate some white throws, and bring out the white decorations. Another great place to go all white is your bedroom. If you don't already have white sheets, now is the time to get some. Top it off with a sea of white pillows and a white rug to complete the look.

The winter wonderland look will help you embrace the season – and your guests will love it, too.

2. Incorporate Glowing Candles

Not only do candles provide a beautiful glow throughout your home, but they also smell delightful. If you're taking our advice and going for a white winter vibe, the candles' glow can add a subtle orange touch to your whitest rooms.

Just make sure you go for appropriate scents. Consider savory smells like pine and spruce, or go for a more decadent scent with a sugar cookie or spiced orange. 

Whatever scent you go with, make sure they're placed well throughout your home. Think about the shadows they will produce and what areas might benefit from a soft glow. Don't let them go to waste in your brightest areas.

And if you aren't a big candle person, just light up the fire. It will do just fine.

3. Hang the Greenery

Dark green is the perfect accent to a wintery white home. A little bit of green can enliven an entire room. 

Find yourself some garland and string it along the railing, the mantle, or the walls. You can even use it as a dining room table runner to give dinners an extra something.

Don't hesitate to string some greenery through your home for a nature-inspired touch.

4. Invest in New, Subtle Touches

There's no need to rework the entire design style of your home. A few little touches can go a long way. Don't be afraid to add some new pieces to your home this winter – and don't be afraid to go shopping. We've had quite the year; you deserve it.

Think about ordering a new rug to spice things up. Or a new chair to bring a dark corner to life. Even some new coffee table books might be the small touch your living room needs. Add some new small touches to your repertoire. 

Not sure if you have the budget for new items? Run a mortgage calculation for your home loans and see if refinancing might save you the extra cash for some new accessories.

5. Brighten Things with Pink

Greenery can be a great accent color against whites, but pink can work wonders of its own. The brightness of even a single pink accessory can change the vibe of an entire room. Find some pink this winter.

Flowers are the obvious go-to to incorporate pink, but you can also consider pink rugs, pink throws, or even pink wall art.

6. Declutter Your Spaces

Lastly, don't allow your house to get cluttered this winter. It's an easy time to let loose and have things pile up. But fight the urge. Don't just wait for spring cleaning.

Find innovative ways to store things throughout your home. Pick up some baskets to keep under the coffee table or jars to house things like remotes and pens.

Keep things clear this winter. Your home will thank you. And if you're not sure where to start, Marie Kondo can help.

7. String the Lights

While the candles mentioned above can add a little glow to your rooms, the lights can give you a little something extra. Hang the white lights just below the ceiling or string them across the mantle.

You can even experiment with some colored lights in the more white rooms of your home. It will give some added spirit and joy to any bland space.

Enjoy This Winter

Whatever you decide to do to your interior this season, make sure you enjoy it. We've all had a challenging year. Decorate your home in a way that encourages you to finish strong and take you into 2021 with joy.