Up Your Milkshake and Smoothie Game With These 3 Easy Recipes


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I love drinking smoothies and milkshakes during the summer. They are super easy to make, they help me cool off during hot summer days and unlike sodas and similar beverages, they actually fill me up and leave me feeling satiated throughout the day. What more can you ask for? 

Everyone has their favorite summer drink, such as the sour apple smoothie, but there three seem to have stuck around. You only need a few ingredients, a blender and you’re ready to go. Now let’s dive into it!

Three-ingredient Galia Melon Milkshake 

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I don’t know about you but I just love melons, especially during the summer. Galia, honeydew, piel de sapo, it doesn’t matter. They are all equally refreshing and delicious. 

To be honest, I think I saw this particular recipe on TikTok and I remember being surprised how just two ingredients can make something that tasted so interesting. 

The original recipe called for two cups of galia melon, a cup of vanilla ice cream and a cup of milk. But for me, the melon was already juicy enough. 

So I decided to remove the milk and add a tiny sprinkle of cardamom powder instead and the results were amazing. It tasted rich and melony with a hint of vanilla and cardamom in the background. 

Honestly, it has become one of my favorite flavor combinations I’ve come across and it goes really well with my magic pancakes

Ice cream-free Mocha Milkshake

The first recipe is ideal for those of us with a sweet tooth. But it may be too much for those trying to cut down on carbs and work on their summer bodies. The second recipe tastes equally good, if not better for half the calories of the first one. 

Neat, right? What’s even neater is that it combines my two favourite things in the world: coffee and chocolate!

To make this low-calorie, ice cream Mocha milkshake, you only need cocoa powder, instant coffee of your choice, milk and ice. That’s it! A bonus tip for my trusty vegan readers: use almond milk! I have tried so many variations and almond milk just makes it taste sublime. 

You need two cups of almond milk, 1 tbsp of instant coffee and 2 tbsp of cocoa powder. Combine them in a blender, add a few ice cubes and sprinkle some dark chocolate on top. If you like caffeinated drinks, this will quickly become your go-to drink for the summer.

Peanut-butter and honey banango

I included the last recipe for two reasons: it is overwhelmingly delicious and it has the cutest name I have ever read in a recipe. Out of the three recipes, this one is easily my favorite and it really feels like I’ve had a proper meal after drinking it. 

What you need is one ripe banana, frozen mango cubes, a tablespoon (or a spoon) of creamy peanut butter, milk, some honey and a dash of cinnamon. Usually, I add the ingredients into my trusty, heavy duty blender and pulse a few times before blasting it on full speed. 

In my opinion, soy milk goes way better than almond milk, but it doesn’t make the almond version any less delicious. If you’re working out, you can also combine protein powder with your milk before blending it all together. I also like to add some baked oats, but I do it without the protein powder. Otherwise, it will make the shake a bit too thick for my taste. 

The combination or banana, mango and peanut butter is just out of this world, I promise. 

If you’re working out, you can also combine flavorless protein powder with your milk before blending it all together.

There are many more combinations you can try out, but these three are somewhat of a staple in my kitchen. They have been tested more than once and my friends seem to like these three more than others, so make sure to give them a try.

Although it is recommendable to drink them right away, you can store them in the fridge for a couple of hours. Personally, I love letting the peanut butter and honey banango chill in the fridge with some oats and chia seeds overnight and have it as a breakfast to-go. 

Let me know what you think and what would you add to make them even more interesting!my trusty, heavy duty blender