4 Clever Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts on Instagram

Online blogs and articles have been around for some time now. They’ve entertained folks all around the world way before Instagram hit the social media scene.

Due to creative topics and clever ways of self-expression, blogs are still around. Alive and very much so breathing. Instagram is no competition - just another smart way of promoting them. 

And if done correctly, you just might get yourself some loyal readers and fans.

Since Instagram is so diverse in audiences, you’ll have no issue finding your crowd. You just have to know where to look.

So, here are the 4 Golden blog promo tricks:

Tease your Blog on Stories

Use the Swipe up feature (if possible)

Host a Live and discuss the Blog topic

Cross-promote with your favorite creators

Let’s start from the beginning here.

How To Tease a Blog via Instagram Stories

This little trick was created by big marketing companies and popularized by none other than the film and music industry. Every modern musician will tease lyrics, music videos, and album snippets on social media months before the actual album is released.

We’re no Ariana Grande - but we can sure use her tips and tricks to improve views. 

Depending on the topic of the blog, pick the most interesting and thought-provoking bits, and use them in an Instagram Story or two.


“And that’s exactly how they went from $1000 to $100k, using this one simple method”. New blog on Tuesday, 12 PM ET!

Notice how we didn’t say much, but just enough to make people wonder what we were referring to. You can post one more clue before the release and call it a day! It builds up hype and gives your blog value.

Give it a go!

Make ‘Em Swipe Up!

This handy little feature is a huge deal when releasing Blogs. Especially after you’ve been teasing one. Handing your followers the blog simply by making them swipe up to read it makes more people want to check it out.

It’s easier for them.

Since this monster feature is only for the 10k followers club, there are alternatives! Screenshot the blog title and feature image, maybe edit them a bit and post it on your Story. Add your website or wherever the blog is at and voila!

It’s not as handy as the Swipe Up feature, but it sure does help. 

But if you do want to be a part of the 10k-ers club and gain this dope feature - try giving service like Flock Social a try.

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Instagram Live

After you’ve posted the blog and let your followers know it’s there - it’s time to go Live! Again, depending on the topic of the blog, you and your followers can start a discussion or even a little Q&A during the Live. 

It shows you genuinely believe in the words you’ve written and care about the message. People love that!

Cross-promotion With Your Creative Peers

This one is super useful, especially if you’re looking for new faces on your page and blog posts. Pick some creators and writers on Instagram that you like and shoot them an email. Make sure they are from your niche!

They usually have a business email in their Bio. 

Ask them to promote your blogs and in turn, you’ll promote theirs. It’s the biggest win-win that always works, no matter the industry.

And even if some decline, others won’t! You just have to keep trying.


Instagram will always be a great place to promote your work. The tricky part is forming an audience that will listen.

There are numerous ways of gaining that kind of loyalty and trust with audiences on social media. Especially if you want to form a community.

Best leave that to the Flock Social type of experts while you focus on the quality of your texts and the impact of your words!