What Are the Most Popular Takeaways in Britain?

Since the lockdown has been put into place, more and more people have been indulging in takeaways. Not only are regular takeaways generating record sales, but many restaurants have also had to adjust and offer their dishes for delivery. 

According to research conducted by KPMG, the average consumer in the UK splashes out £451 per person each year on takeaways. This number is only going to grow based on the current situation. 

Yet when it comes to which takeaways they pick, most will stick to what they know. So which cuisine is the most popular in Britain? This article will explore the top five takeaways. 

1. Chinese 

Based on an investigation by the British Takeaway Campaign, the most popular cuisine in the UK is Chinese. There are several reasons why Chinese food sits at the top. First of all, a high-quality Chinese takeaway serves up delicious dishes. On top of this, there’s usually a diverse menu that appeals to even fussy eaters – which is ideal for families. Aside from traditional Chinese cuisine, you’ll typically find other Asian and English meals available. 

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2. Indian 

Indian cuisine falls in a similar bracket to Chinese food, hence why it is also among the most popular choices in the UK. While the spicy nature of Indian food doesn’t appeal to everyone, this doesn’t stop it from hitting the heights on lists like these. In fact, demand for Indian takeaways has reportedly almost topped 300% since the lockdown – making it the most popular pick during these unprecedented times. 

3. Fish and chips 

No list like this would be complete without the traditional fish and chips, right? It is the quintessential British dish and, although eateries have become more and more diverse over time, battered cod continues to generate high sales figures across the country. Along with being the perfect seaside treat, fish and chips is a regular fixture for those who want to enjoy a takeaway at home. 

4. Pizza 

Pizza is one of the most universally enjoyed dishes, so it makes sense that it appears in this top five for takeaways. Along with many different local establishments that seemingly populate every corner of the UK, the popularity of pizza is also supported by several well-known chain establishments. Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s all have a large, regular customer base, and this helps to propel this famed Italian dish to the top of the charts. 

5. Burger

Everyone loves to tuck into a good burger every now and then, and this explains why it rounds off this list. In a similar manner to pizzas, the prevalence of burgers is propped up by chain restaurants. McDonald’s is the most popular fast food joint on the planet, and this popularity is replicated in the UK. The likes of Burger King and Five Guys also help to take burgers to the next level. 

*This is a collaborative post*