Move More March 2020

I can't actually believe that we are in March already! This year has gone so quickly, and I really don't know where it has gone. In January, I launched the Sugar Pink January challenge.

We had a great success with over 30 stone lost in total for January! So following it's success, the Sugar Pink Fatloss February Challenge was launched. This was a continuation from January, and I also ran some mini challenges within it.

February was very difficult for me to stick to, as I spent the majority of it in London doing some Top Secret filming which I am not yet allowed to talk about, but it made sticking to any kind of plan impossible!

Lot's of people asked me to run another challenge for March, so I am pleased to announced 'Move More March'. The focus on this month's challenge is exercise and making sure you are moving more.

Did you know I have a recipe book?

What is the challenge?

The challenge is to start 2020 in the healthiest and best way that you can. Whatever diet plan you may be following, stick to it every single day in January. Add in regular exercise and water intake to hit your weekly goal. In addition, share updates (daily if possible) into my closed Facebook group to keep yourself on track, and help inspire others. 

March focus is on movement and exercise, so I would love for everyone to try and get out there and exercise more, whether that is going for walks, runs, marathons - or even weight lifting some tins of beans while watching TV!

What's in it for me?

Apart from the obvious health benefits of eating healthily and exercising, I want to help encourage everyone with regular giveaways, prizes and certificates along the way! You also get to be surrounded by inspiring people, who have all taken the same step towards a healthier 2020.

It could help you lose weight in the process, give you exercise and meal ideas, and really help keep you get focused and committed to a healthy year. Once you complete January, February becomes achievable as well.

I will also be sharing my recipes, meal plans and meal ideas to help give you inspiration from my large back catalogue.

How much does it cost?

The challenge is FREE to take part in! I will be running the challenge predominantly from within the special closed Facebook group. I may offer products to help you with the challenge, such as my planners or meal planning kits, but you don't need to purchase anything to get involved and come along on the journey. 

The only real cost is your own time and effort to help improve you health and wellbeing. 

What are the rules to take part?

1. Join the closed Facebook Group

2. Stick to your healthy diet every day (whichever plan you may be following) Check out my healthy meal plan for food ideas!

3. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day

4. Exercise at least twice a week

5. Post your updates, meals, inspiration in the closed Facebook group, and support others doing the same. 

6. Use the hashtag #SugarPinkMarch in your Social Media shares online.

So,what are you waiting for? Get in the group and get ready to start in March!

I will be a little bit stricter this time, and those who are not actively taking part in the challenge will be removed.

I am also going to be gathering more weekly info to keep a track of the top amount of weight lost, so there is more of a challenge!

Listen and subscribe to the Sugar Pink Podcast as we chat about the challenge and lives trying to lose weight!

Why so much water??

Drinking water can help suppress your appetite, and not only that, it also helps your body to flush the fat out of your system. Your body can retain a lot of water weight, so the more you drink the more you flush out!

For more information about water intake, check out my Podcast featuring Barbara Cox, a celebrity nutritionist who shared lot's of her top tips.

Move More March - Sugar Pink Challenge

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